Why? Because every breed has a set of defining characteristics/personality that we just can't help getting attached to. 

You might have heard that dogs tend to look like their owners but actually, it's more likely that we identify with our canine friends in terms of personality, temperament and activity levels.

So, based on your personality, what dog would you be?

How would you friends best describe you?
a. Funny, easy-going, sometimes lazy
b. Headstrong, can be stubborn
c. Attention-seeking, opinionated
d. Loyal, trustworthy and active 

Your ideal best friend is someone...
a. To watch films and laugh with
b. Who lets you make the decisions
c. Who cheers you up when you need it
d. Who likes to get out and do things

Which do you prefer?
a. Having a 'chill' group of friends to laugh with
b. Being alone or with one other person
c. A few select friends who listen to you and back you up
d. A big group of loyal friends, but no one best friend

You're bored on a Saturday, what do you do?
a.  Lay in bed and binge watch Netflix
b. Go for a hardcore gym sesh, alone
c.  Shop or get my hair done
d. Finish errands before a walk with friends

How would you describe your bedroom?
a. It's so easy to find an outfit in my floordrobe...
b. Organised, with a few family photos scattered around
c. Stylish as hell, all my outfits are occasion-organised
d. Minimalistic- it's impossible to make a mess

What's your go-to favourite food?
Food? I like food...
Anything meaty. Steak? Ribs?
Starbucks paninis
 Sunday roast 

What's your dream holiday?
Lounging by a pool doing very little
I'd rather stay at home and keep on top of things
Somewhere cultured and hot
In the countryside. I love outdoor activities

Let's see which one you are...

Mostly A's: English Bulldog, Basset Hound, Pug or Shih Tzu

Napping on the sofa until the next meal time is just your speed. You might not be bothered to go out and do things but it's hard to find a sweeter, more loving character. You're always there for chill time and a hug when your friends need it. 

Mostly B's: Boxer, Shetland Sheepdog, Dachshunds or Pomeranian

Loyalty and intelligence are what people value you for most. You aren't afraid to show someone they're wrong and if you don't want to do something you won't. You can be distrusting, but once people get to know you, you'll show them your livelier side. Indoor exercise is more your style.  

Mostly C's: Afghan Hound, Shiba Inu, Irish Setter, Chihuahua

Regal and stylish! You love having people's attention and go to lengths to seek it. You have your mischievous moments and will happily sneak people's things when you deem fit- clothes and food? You can be both aloof and comical. You're also fit and fast when necessary.

Mostly D's: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Bearded Collie or Havanese

You're loving, courageous and versatile, and excel in most things you do (e.g. sport). Your intelligence means you're reliable, obedient, and highly sociable yet you're slow to mature which sometimes shows, meaning people find you annoying at times. 

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