Make The Most Of The Library

It might not be the most exciting part of university but exams and assignment deadlines are fast approaching, and it's time for the studying to begin...

Everyone learns and revises differently and it's important to find the best environment that works for you, and that could be the library.

As you can imagine the libraries get pretty busy during the exam period. Thousands of students trying to find a spot to revise, but do not fear - between the Sheila Silver and Headingley libraries, there are over 800 computers! And you check the availability before you get there here.

If you want to work in a different space, you have a few options...

You can opt for silent study with both Sheila Silver Library and Headingley Library providing silent rooms if you'd prefer to study alone. If you do sit here - food and drink are not allowed, and you need to switch off your phone. You don't want to be that person disturbing everyone, do you?

If that's not for you, try a group study area. They're available on both campuses, they have plug sockets for phones, laptops etc and Wi-Fi. Most have been recently refurbished at Sheila Silver Library too! These are perfect if you've got group presentations, or if you prefer revising with friends to bounce ideas off each other. 

More than 4 of you? You can book meeting rooms in the library for 2 hours too.

Don’t fancy the journey to the library? Chances are your halls has a dedicated study area, just ask at reception. Or the University also provides open access rooms (social leaning spaces) for you to use on the City Campus and Headingley Campus.


Exam time can be stressful and it's easy to forget things, but always stay hydrated or you'll lose concentration! There are water fountains located in both libraries if you don't have any with you.