In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind

Following the tragic news of Caroline Flack, and the surge of mental health issues amongst young adults, it seems the most appropriate time to openly discuss our mental health.

Hand outstretched with prism of rainbow light across it

We should think about our mental health every day of the year. Mental health problems last more than a day and can affect people in different ways on any day of the year.

Trying to conform with the demands of social media just to feel like we ‘fit in’. But what does that mean? We try to fit in with the demands of society, but we lose our sense of identity. Through the use of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook we become slowly isolated in own social bubble. As a student, it is so easy to become isolated in your room and detached from the outside world. University is more than one room; you are more than the person you perceive yourself to be in that one room.

Be proud of who you are, your individuality and your freedom to express yourself.

Honestly, admitting we are lonely, anxious or struggling is the first big step STRIDE, but the most important stride of all. It’s hard to admit your struggles, as this makes you feel vulnerable to other people. Yet, it’s the first step to solving your problems. If nobody knows, then how can they help? Whether this is a friend, a family member, partner or a lecturer, the Residence Life team, student services, they are all here to help.

Am I selfish for putting my mental health first? Absolutely not.
Living in student accommodation can be difficult, even more difficult when others depend on you to help with their mental health. We focus so much on helping others, that we forget that our own health matters too. Compromise. How can we help others, if we are struggling with our own mental health?

Time is a healer, I know cliché, right? Yet, so true. Set yourself goals; what can you achieve today? This week? Or even this year?
Everyone has goals, whether it’s as big as running a marathon or leaving your room to walk around the park.

Each step reaches a bigger goal, a bigger goal to facilitate a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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