How long can you stay? 
The latest date you can stay depends on which accommodation you book and whether you have a booking for the 2020/21 academic year. Please get in touch with with the dates you require accommodation and the team will let you know the best options for you.

Is there a minimum length stay?
There is a minimum 7 night stay.

Is there a deposit? Is it transferred over if I am already staying in halls?
There is a £200 deposit to pay before you can move in. If you are already in Leeds Beckett managed halls and have a deposit, this can be carried over to your summer booking.

Who is eligible? E.g. can I stay if I am graduating
Any current Leeds Beckett student is eligible to stay over the summer

Where can I stay?
We have rooms available at Arena Village, Marsden House, Sugarwell Court and Kirkstall Brewery. Depending on the dates you require accommodation to and from certain properties may be unavailable so please get in touch with to discuss your specific requirements.

Can I stay in the room I am in now?
You may be able to stay in your current room, please get in touch with to enquire.

How do I pay for summer accommodation?
Payment for your summer stay is required in full before the start date of your booking. If you do not think you’ll be able to afford to pay in one lump sum please get in touch with the accommodation office ( to discuss your options

Due to COVID-19 I am unable to return home, can I stay over the summer in halls of residence?
Yes, we can offer accommodation over the summer if you wish to stay in Leeds. Please get in touch with to discuss your requirements.

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09 Nov 2021
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