Why I Chose Arena Village

Having taken two years out after college to travel and work, I was used to having my independence and was excited to move into my halls of residence - with my main motive of choice being the social aspect of the accommodation.

View from Arena Village across Leeds' skyline


I found choosing my halls a really exciting aspect of preparing myself for university. In my head I knew that I wanted somewhere;

  1. Close to my seminar building on City Campus
  2. Somewhere with a social environment
  3. Which would fit within my budget

I found that Arena Village covered all three of my wishes. It is a 15-20 minute walk from Broadcasting Place (where my course is held) and was an easy walking route following the main road. Arena Village is really well placed within the city if you want to be around the buzz of shops and bars. With the Merrion shopping centre less than a five-minute walk away, it's so quick and easy to do your weekly groceries - no horrible long walk back whilst carrying all of my shopping!

If you love the night life then you’ll love how close Arena Village is to bars, pubs and clubs. With two Wetherspoons within a ten-minute walk and plenty of independent bars such as my favourite Belgrave and others such as Mojo and the boat bar Dry Dock to choose from, it is so easy to have and get back from a great night out requiring no Uber or taxi.

Belgrave Music Hall – So, this place has to be my favourite bar in Leeds. Belgrave combines Live music, art, indie films and drinks across three floors, including a very chill roof terrace which is perfect for summer. A cosy bar downstairs serves all your favourite drinks, burgers and the biggest pizza slices you have seen, perfect for soaking up all those beverages you’ve just consumed.

Dry Dock – Definitely one of the most unique bars I’ve seen in Leeds. An old boat that has been converted into a welcoming and informal pub. If you brave the infamous Otley run pub crawl this will be the last stop on your trail. A great place to relax and join in on activities such as quizzes and retro gaming. It is also an ideal place to watch the big games on their TV whilst eating and drinking from their street food influenced menus.

MOJO – A combination of shabby New York City dive style and chic with great cocktails and lively music from the last six decades. Mojo offers you a throw-back night to the sounds of Queen, Fleetwood Mac and more. If you’re looking for a cool retro night out, this is the place to go.


I had a choice of being in either a three or six person flat, for me personally the choice was easy. I wished to meet more people and live in a more social and lively living space, but for those who would prefer a quieter flat there is always the other option. I was very keen on living somewhere with large social spaces, as I was super excited about meeting new people. Arena Village offers generous sized, social living spaces within all the flats. You are provided with good storage space for kitchenware, a dining area where you can all eat as together as a flat, and sofas to chill out on. Having spoken to friends who’d been in accommodation the year before, many halls of residence don’t offer such a large space to socialise and it is what many wished they had experienced in their accommodation. If that’s not enough, on the ground floor you'll find a common room for the whole building to come together in with a pool table, TV and sofas!

Arena Village Gold Living Space


There is a lot offered onsite to help make your life in halls easier. The helpful and friendly reception staff are on hand 24/7 to answer your every question and query. They also look after, and hand over, your parcels’ so you don’t need to worry about being in when you’re expecting a delivery. They also organise events for the accommodation such as St. Patricks day, Bake-off competitions, arts and crafts, Chinese new year, the list goes on and on.

It certainly makes Arena Village a fun place to live in your first year. The rooms contain everything you need, with large desks that are amazing to spread your work across, good size beds and en-suites in every room. I know many people value the privacy of having their own bathroom. I personally went for the Gold size room to have the bit of extra floor space for my yoga mat and space for doing other exercises’.  As you’re in the city, the accommodation is one of the pricier options but for your location I think it's very reasonable.


Hi, I'm Katy and I'm a first year History student from Wiltshire. I enjoy cooking like Nigella, travelling the world when permitted, painting Van Goghs’ and fitness (in particular weight training and boxing).

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29 May 2020
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