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Food For Thought

With all the pressure of revision, essays and exams, it’s an important time to be at your best. We all know that means getting a good night’s sleep and cutting back on the alcohol but are we aware of how much of a difference a healthy diet can make? Here’s our top five foods for keeping your brain in gear.

Keep it Wholegrain

Energy is the most important thing we get from our food. Unlike the fast bursts of energy that sugary foods provide, wholegrain foods release their energy slowly which means that their effects last longer and keep you feeling fuller. Good concentration relies on a steady stream of energy so if you want to stay focused all day, stock up on wholegrains like granary bread, brown pastas and cereals.


Research suggests that blueberries are effective in delaying short term memory loss. They’re perfect for constant snacking too so keep a stash of these next to your revision notes at all times.

Oily Fish

Oily fish have long been regarded as good for the memory. Salmon, trout and kippers are great sources of essential fatty acids that our bodies need but don’t produce naturally. As well as keeping memory loss at bay, they are also great for the heart, joints, brain function and your general wellbeing. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Another healthier alternative to your hourly can of Relentless is pumpkin seeds. Far from being just leftovers from Halloween, did you know that these little critters are packed with Zinc which is vital for enhancing your memory and ability to think clearly?


This vegetable is rich in vitamin K and known to enhance cognitive function and improve brain power. There’s never been a better time to give broccoli a second chance.

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