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We're starting 2017 with a bang with the introduction of our new-look coffee shop in the Leslie Silver Building, say hello to Gaia Café, let us introduce you!
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First of all, how is it pronounced and where does it come from?

Gaia (pronounced guy-a) originates from Greek mythology and is the primal Mother Earth goddess. So what does this have to do with coffee and food I hear you ask? It's all about earthy flavours and whole foods, helping you to drink good, eat food and feel good.

Now, what about the food?

We've still got your favourite treats and snacks but you can now explore our range of healthy products, from green tea goodness to gluten free tray bakes and low calorie popcorn. We also have toasted fruit loaf, tea cakes, bagels and more for a perfect pick-me-up.

Our Barista coffee is sure to please!

Our coffee is bright, sweet and welcoming – just like Mother Earth herself. Offering a toast and sweet aroma with a bright and juicy flavour this delicious coffee is perfect for your espresso, cappuccino, latte or flat white.

If that's not enough we don't know what is, pop along now to try for yourself and come say hello to our team and our new-look Gaia Café.

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