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Exam offers 2017

Getting ready for exams? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. We know it’s a busy time of year so we’ve created some time (and money) saving treats for your breakfast and lunch.

Exam offers 2017


Grab a breakfast ciabatta, the perfect start to your busy day:

  • Scrambled Egg, Bacon and Cheese Ciabatta
  • Scrambled Egg, Vegetarian Sausage and Cheese Ciabatta

We’ve also got some handy porridge pots, take it and just add hot water for a nutritious breakfast.

Available on the Home Favourites counters in our Food Courts


Keep your energy up and your body fuelled for exams with our delicious Salad Bowls.

Grab a bowl and add your filling for only £3.50.

Grab your Salad Bowl:

Salad Bowl One

  • Mixed lead, quinoa, brocolli, grated carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, honey and mustard dressing

    Salad Bowl Two

  • Spinach, beetroot, avocado, grated carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sunflower and pumpkin seed

    Salad Bowl Three

  • Iceberg lettuce, broad beans, spring onions, coleslaw, grated carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and coriander

Then pick your filling:

- Sliced Roast Chicken - Ham & Egg - Hummus & Chickpea - Spinach & Egg

- Tuna Mayonnaise - Grated Cheddar – Coleslaw

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