A new set of Amazon lockers have landed on City Campus, giving you the benefit of easy and safe deliveries when ordering via Amazon. They also offer you the convenience of being able to be used to return items to Amazon. The new lockers are called ‘Rogers’ and are located close to the Campus Shop in the Portland Building.

Please note: all items must be within the size (42cmx35cmx32cm) and weight (4.5kg) restrictions. Third party or marketplace items cannot be delivered to a Locker at the moment.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 07:00 – 21:00 (please note after 18:30 customers will need to access via the Leslie Silver entrance rather than the main Portland Entrance.

Orders are kept in the lockers for 3 business days to collect before they are returned to Amazon.

Amazon Lockers in Portland

Add the lockers to your address book

The easiest way to do this is:

  1. Visit amazon.co.uk/addrogers (You will be prompted to log in to Amazon first)
  2. Sign in when prompted and the lockers will be automatically added to you account.

You can also search for nearby lockers by visiting amazon.co.uk/locker (You will be prompted to log in to Amazon first).

1. Find a locker near you - 2. Add Locker to your address book - 3. Shop as usual and select the locker as your address on checkout - 4. Receieve a code once your arder has been delivered - 5. Go to the locker and enter your code