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Recycle Your Coffee Cups On Campus

We’re a nation of coffee lovers who enjoy an estimated 5 billion hot drinks every year. But have you ever thought about what happens to your coffee cup after you’ve finished your flat white, latte or cappuccino? 

Reusable cup

Coffee cups are not widely recyclable and rather than being reused they get added to the 430 tonnes of general waste that Leeds Beckett generates each year.

In the UK around 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year and 99.75% are not recycled. In fact, remember that coffee you had 30 years ago? Probably not, but that cup is likely to just about be degraded, that’s how long it takes!

So what can you do to help divert your next coffee cup from heading to landfill?

Using a reusable cups is the best option. Every time you bring a reusable cup you get 10p off your hot drink! You can also now buy a new ‘Great Coffee Powers Great Brains’ reusable cup from the University food outlets for only £5.50 and get your first drink free.

If you don’t have a reusable cup don’t worry, last year Leeds Beckett joined forces with Simply Cups, the UK’s only disposable cup recovery and recycling scheme. 

Simply Cups recycle 100% of the paper cups collected from Leeds Beckett, turning your used cup into a raw material to manufacture an array of functional products, from pencils to park benches.

Do your bit for the environment and use the dedicated Simply Cups bins that are now located around the University, to use the bins just follow three easy steps.

Step 1- Empty liquid into central reservoir

Step 2- Remove lid & collar and place in the dry mixed recycling bin

Step 3- Stack your coffee cup in the dedicated Coffee Cups bins 

Coffee Cup Bin Locations

City Campus

Rose Bowl Food Court

Leslie Silver Building Gaia Café

Headingley Campus

Campus Central Food Court

Let’s work together to save the planet one cup at a time!