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‘A brand new Leeds Arts Research Centre Twitter account for 2019’

Published on 30 Jan 2019

In 2017 Professor Rob Shail and Professor Simon Morris launched LARC (Leeds Arts Research Centre). LARC draws on staff from the Leeds School of Arts at Leeds Beckett and brings together cultural historians and theorists with arts practitioners at the cutting edge of practice as research.

Leeds Beckett University has a rich history of experimentation in the Arts. The Leeds Arts Research Centre puts Leeds Beckett at the centre for arts research in Leeds. We want to promote the work of our leading scholars both externally through the website and internally for our staff and students to encourage collaboration, dialogue and debate.

To better support the promotion of colleague work and encourage cross school, staff and student collaboration a new twitter account has been launched for January 2019 @LBUArtsResearch.

@LBUArtsResearch will act both as a platform to disseminate FMPA / AAD colleague / student work & ideas but also a safe network for colleagues to share articles, funding opportunities and have their say on the ever-shifting cultural landscape. So what are you waiting for? Please look us up and follow @LBUArtsResearch.

Professor Simon Morris

Director of Research / Leeds School Of Arts

Simon Morris’ research appears in the form of exhibitions, publications, installations, films, actions and texts which all revolve around the form of the book and often involve collaborations with people from the fields of art, creative technology, literature and psychoanalysis.

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