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People and Place: First Year Landscape Architecture Students Re-envision South Bank Leeds

Students have recently proposed creative and responsive landscape designs to enhance existing urban spaces and provide a green space for people in the South Bank area of Leeds, as part of their People and Place project.
Southbank Leeds Plan

As part of the project first year Landscape Architecture students investigated, surveyed, documented, and analysed the existing conditions of the area, the details of the specific sites they were looking at, as well as the people and professions in that area, in order to identify current challenges and reveal hidden opportunities. Anchored in their research and observation findings, students conceptualized, designed, and showcased multiple modes of representation under the theme of People and Place. Throughout the process, students not only designed landscape interventions and proposed strategies for transformation, but also developed the skills of critical thinking and logic design decision making. They demonstrated the prospective role of their projects in this particular context in addition to showing their empathetic awareness of people’s life, activities, and experience.


Connecting the Senses

Concept Formation and PlaceMaking – Sample of Students’ Work: “Connecting the Senses” by Eve Davies, Spring 2020

Dr Alia Fadel

Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts
Dr. Alia Fadel is an educator, architect and landscape architect, biophilic design consultant, and ethnographic observation specialist in urban settings and collegiate campuses. Her teaching and practical experience extends to include notable international academic institutions in Egypt, USA, and UK.

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