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LSA Festival student stories: Alicia Jassner / Landscape and Design

Hi! I’m a recent graduate from the BA landscape and design course and I’d like to share my experiences from the ‘Design and Community Project’.
Visual of design option

While there is a high level of independence throughout the course, third year truly makes you realise how far you have come as a designer and the value you have for other people. 

In a group of ten students, we were offered the chance to design two courtyards of the Chapel Allerton Hospital. In comparison to previous projects, we now had a real client, a user group we needed to understand and our own group that we needed to self-organise. The first meeting in the hospital with Dr. Rory O’Connor and the two nurses Rachel Watterson and Beverly Mousa provided a personal introduction, the opportunity to clarify their wishes for the new spaces and the needs they should fulfil, as well as showing us the sites for a first impression. It primarily taught me the value of direct communication, as we adapted the brief afterwards to fit the new requirements.

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