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Working on the production of Sky's 'Intergalactic'

Northern Film School graduate Eibhin O'Mianain talks about the experience he gained from working on the production of Sky One's 'Intergalactic' whilst studying BA (Hons) Filmmaking at Leeds Beckett.

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I was put in contact with Ben Sweet at Film Buddy, a company who help students with finding industry placements, as part of an employability module in my final year at The Northern Film School, in order to discuss a number of opportunities for TV work experience. Ben and Film Buddy set up a face-to-face meeting with myself, and other students, providing individual feedback and support on our cover letters, CVs and career plans. It was then off the back of this that I was contacted and offered a two weeks placement as a Grip Trainee on 'Intergalactic'

As I had no previous experience in the role, I was slightly anxious but Film Buddy were extremely supportive and gave great advice which was extremely beneficial. It was a serious opportunity for me to have at that stage before graduation. Working on a production of this scale was intimidating at first, but the Grip team were very supportive and were really welcoming, taking a lot of time to teach me and give me guidance. I was able to spend a lot of time with professional kit while learning about the responsibilities of a trainee. After my two-week placement, I was then asked back for further work on the production as a Grip Trainee, which gave me further credits for my CV, and also helped me build a relationship with the crew. 

Although I had some idea of the day-to-day running of a production, it was amazing to experience one whilst still at University, as I was able to decide for sure that this was the career and role that I wanted to go in to. The placement has also influenced the work that I’ve done after leaving university, not only due to the employment references and experience I gained, but also from what I learnt by watching the crew work in such a professional environment. 

I feel that the emphasis on practical filmmaking at the Northern Film School really benefited me on my placement, as I was able to have an understanding of the production process and procedure, allowing me to focus completely on my role, making the most of the time that I had. I enjoyed my time at the Northern Film School and have since carried on training as a Grip Trainee through the NFTS in Leeds, which was an opportunity I may not have had if it was not for Film Buddy and the Northern Film School. 

Supporting Our Students' Career Prospects

University employability partner Film Buddy provides bespoke one-to-one mentoring, valuable online services, high end work experience opportunities and employment in the Film TV and Creative media sectors.

In 2016, Leeds Beckett was the first University in the U.K to collaborate with Film Buddy and since then they have established a strong and effective relationship that ensures students have access to some of the best work experience and employment opportunities across the Film, TV and Creative Media industries. Students have access to support and preparation for employment through industry led ‘one-on-one’ mentoring, CV, showreel and portfolio development, bespoke online services, adaptable online work placements and creative collaborations. 

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