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Amey "Safety Smart" Project

Raj Kandola tells us about her 3 year research and enterprise project with multi-national company Amey.

Amey KTP

Raj was employed by the university and embedded at the company for the duration of the project.  Raj has gone on to full time employment with Amey after the end of her project.

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Raj Kandola

Rajkiran Kandola

Rajkiran Kandola is a former Research Associate in the School of Social Sciences. Raj was based in Birmingham working with Amey, a leading multinational supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services, with the aim of reducing safety incidents across the company’s consulting and rail business and its supply chain.

Rajkiran’s Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP) embedded a behavioural safety strategy underpinned by a psychological, data driven approach with research from Leeds Beckett.