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10th Anniversary of Lille Field Trip

In October, our Human Geography students attended our tenth annual field trip to visit Leeds’s twin city of Lille in Northern France. They were given guided tours of the Euratechnologies regeneration area, the city centre and South Lille sustainable neighbourhood by local planners from Lille City Council.

Our students had the chance to meet with French students from our partner college, Lycee Pasteur, and held a workshop during which they were challenged to outline the characteristics of future sustainable cities. This took place at the fantastic venue of CAUE du Nord (The Conseil d’Architecture d’Urbanisme et de l’Environment).

This trip encouraged our students to develop a sophisticated understanding of the social, economic and environmental issues facing future built environments and how their planning and design can help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Whilst in Lille, the field trip leader Lindsay Smales met with the organisation that is planning a major year-long event during which Lille will become ‘World Design City’ for 2020, with a view to creating projects in which Leeds Beckett students from across the university can work with Lille University and others on design based initiatives – to be set up and organised during 2019. The main one of which seems to be focussed around the qualities of sustainable cities.

Our tenth annual trip proved to be fun, interesting and educational and there are exciting future links and collaborations to explore and develop.

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