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American Sociologist and Fulbright Scholar Visits ICRETH

As part of ICRETH Visiting Scholar Programme, Professor Jennie Germann Molz, an American sociologist and former Fulbright Scholar, visited our School and the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality (ICRETH) during 4 – 18 March 2019.

Professor Molz speaking to staff and students

During her prolific visit Jennie engaged with numerous academics in our School to discuss about their research projects and interests, met with our Masters and PhD students, delivered an ICRETH Assembly and guest lectures for undergraduate tourism courses.

Professor Jennie Germann Molz is the author of several books, chapters, and journal articles on tourism, hospitality, and cosmopolitanism, such as the research monograph Travel Connections Tourism, Technology and Togetherness in a Mobile World. Professor Germann Molz completed her PhD in Sociology at University of Lancaster, where she subsequently held a postdoctoral fellowship in the Centre for Mobilities Research. Since then, Jennie has been interested in questions of identity, belonging, and ethics in the context of mobile togetherness and has conducted research on round-the-world backpackers, travel blogging, food mobilities, network hospitality and the sharing economy, family voluntourism, and worldschooling.

Currently, Professor Germann Molz is working on a new research monograph tentatively titled The World is Our Classroom: Mobile Families, Global Kids, and the Quest for the Good Life in Uncertain Times, due to be published by New York University Press.

Professor Dorina-Maria Buda, head of ICRETH, was thrilled to see Jennie so readily engaged with academics and students across the School. Her time at ICRETH has helped generate creative research ideas with colleagues, and has offered an invaluable boost to our research environment.

Professor Germann Molz equally enjoyed her visit at ICRETH about which she opines: “I’ve been deeply impressed and quite inspired by the intellectual curiosity and sense of passion the ICRETH staff and students bring to their work. After learning about the projects ICRETH researchers are pursuing, I’m reminded, yet again, what a significant contribution tourism, hospitality, and events research can make to the academy, to our community partners, and to the pressing issues we face today.”

Professor Jennie Germann Molz with Professor Dorina-Maria Buda

Professor Dorina-Maria Buda

Dorina-Maria is a Professor of Tourism Management, formerly of Leeds Beckett, who conducts interdisciplinary research with a particular focus on the interconnections between tourist spaces, people and emotions in times and places of socio-political conflict.

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