Physiotherapy allows you to work in a diverse range of settings from sports, private practice and the NHS

Student spotlight | Mahli Macwana, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 


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I’m 23, from Brighton in the south of England. I’ve worked many jobs in my short work life, including cleaning, gardening, cafes, pubs, concerts and Brighton FC. I worked as a personal trainer for four years and managed to go self-employed before going back into education. I currently am working as a Covid-19 vaccinator in Leeds. I’ve always been a very active person; I enjoy keeping fit in the gym and I also do boxing training. My keen interests are in astronomy, history and medicine.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to Physiotherapy

I’ve always loved going to music festivals, both UK and abroad, something I have definitely missed during the pandemic. In my spare time I enjoy learning about sciency stuff, and I’m especially keen on anything about space. During my time as a personal trainer, I did extra training to enable me to work with clients referred by their GP or physio. I really enjoyed working with people to help them recover, I saw how much of a difference exercise prescription and instruction can do to people’s lives. This motivated me to learn more about rehabilitation and I decided to apply for an access course to allow me to study physiotherapy. I chose physiotherapy as it allows you to work in such a diverse range of work settings from sports, private practice and the NHS. This suited me as I wasn’t sure what area of work I wanted to go into.

What made you choose Leeds Beckett?

When searching online for different universities, I was looking for a university that had a good ranking in the Complete University Guide, comprehensive facilities and in a vibrant student city with plenty of nightlife and activities available, and Leeds Beckett ticked all of these boxes. I didn’t get the chance to visit Leeds before arriving here to study and had my interview online due to Covid, however, I did get a lot of information from the Online Open Day. They talked about small group classes with focused learning for each student; this sounded perfect for me as I had been out of education for many years. I wanted to be close to the city and have quick access to the bars and restaurants from the uni, and Leeds Beckett is right in the middle of the city centre, so this was a factor in my choice.

What has been your favourite thing about your time studying at Leeds Beckett?

I have loved getting to know my fellow course mates and have made some really good friends. It seems healthcare courses attract friendly and motivated people. Going into uni to do practical classes has been fun, they’re very engaging and include a wide range of activities to help you learn. The lecturers explain everything in a clear-to-understand way, which helps when you have a ton of information to learn. There are loads of fantastic opportunities to get involved in and I recommend getting involved in as much as possible. I’m a part of the boxing society, they offer great sessions for a cheap fee. They also have work opportunities, such as Student Ambassador, and plenty of volunteering opportunities to improve your CV, like representing your course or helping run a society.

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

If you’re thinking of applying to study physiotherapy here, I definitely recommend it! They have great facilities, experienced staff and loads of activities to get involved in. The physiotherapy profession is ever-expanding and there are a wide range of great opportunities available. This pandemic has only further demonstrated the importance of rehabilitation for a healthy society and the need for physiotherapists is expanding. The first year you’ll learn loads of anatomy and physiology, so I recommend going over the basics before you start the course. There are loads of websites and online resources you can use; I enjoy using Kenhub, Picmonic and Osmosis, but a good start would be to watch Crash Course anatomy and physiology on YouTube. If you’re interested in the workings of the human body like myself, then you’ll enjoy this series for sure!

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