5. Watch some sport

Number five on my list of great things to do in Leeds has to be watching some of the great sporting events around the city. From football to cricket, and every sport in between, Leeds has loads to offer for sports fans. My favourites tend to be the football games at Elland Road, as well as the rugby games down in Headingley. However, this hasn’t stopped me from expanding my horizons and going to watch an international cricket game at Headingley Stadium recently, which was great.

Callum Shaw - Varsity rugby match 2017

4. Do some shopping

Another one of my favourite things to do (like most students!) is to spend money, and Leeds offers amazing ways of doing just that. Around the centre of Leeds there are loads of shops, outlets and markets for you to visit. Whether you’re after clothes, late Christmas or birthday presents, or even just an ‘I’ve finished my assignment’ treat, Leeds will have the place for you. My personal favourites are the shops located in the massive Trinity shopping centre in the heart of Leeds. Don’t just think that’s all there is when it comes to shopping though – there are so many more shops and arcades in the city centre to explore.

3. Eat LOTS of food

There's so many delicious choices when it comes to food in Leeds that you can't really go wrong. If you want to enjoy a takeaway at home, you'll be spoilt for choice. If you're after a dine-in restaurant, throughout Leeds there's a selection of both well known chains and smaller, local businesses. And for fast and cheap food, there's almost always a Greggs or a McDonalds in sight wherever you go - perfect for us students.

Callum Shaw - burger and chips

2. Visit Roundhay Park

If you fancy travelling out of the city centre for a while, one of Europe’s biggest parks, Roundhay, is less than a 20 minute drive away. There’s so much to do in Roundhay Park that the chances are you’ll never get to see it all, but I’ve got a few areas that I love and try to explore as often as I can. On Bonfire night, the firework display there is amazing, and towards Christmas, there is usually a festive display. There are places to eat, and Leeds’ very own Tropical World Center. At Roundhay I also like to go for massive walks, or have a kickabout with my mates.

Callum Shaw - Roundhay Park

1. Experience the nightlife

For me personally, one of the best things about Leeds is the nightlife. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to go out to one of the massive nightclubs in Leeds, one of the smaller bars on Call Lane, or even just stay local in a pub in Headingley. You’ll soon find out what’s best for you, or like me, you may end up surprising yourself and enjoying every different type of night out in Leeds. There’s a fantastic sense of security, and travel to and from the city is cheap (even cheaper if you live in the city centre). The best part? Most of Leeds is geared towards students, so everywhere tends to be budget-friendly!


Hi I’m Callum and I’m a final year primary education student from near Liverpool. Alongside studying, I’ve worked as a football referee and as part of my university’s widening participation team. If I’m not working or studying, which is rare, I’ll be playing football, watching Netflix, or SCUBA diving in some cold English lake!

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