9.15am: Starting the day by browsing the bookshelves in one of Headingley’s charity shops

This shop in particular is great for bookworms on a budget. There are quite a few charity shops in Headingley, which are always full of unexpected finds. They’re also particularly good for grabbing those all-important props for fancy dress outfits!

Jenny Rowbotham - image of books in the Oxfam Shop in Headingley

9.45am: Yummy breakfast pancakes at LS6 cafe in Hyde Park

This place serves delicious food all day long, and it doubles up as a bar on an evening. It hosts events such as: a pub quiz, jazz nights, reggae parties, retro game marathons, yoga sessions, comedians - plus lots more. It's a firm favourite for me and my friends.

Jenny Rowbotham - Pancakes at LS6 Cafe

10.45am: Shopping time!

The first place I visited was Kirkgate Market, which always has lots going on and loads of cool things to look at. The fresh food in here is much cheaper than the supermarket, so it’s always incredibly popular with students. There’s also a little hidden gem in here – a food court with 9 ever-changing street-food vendors. This place in the picture always catches my eye – it's the original Marks and Spencer! Who knew it came from such humble beginnings?

Jenny Rowbotham - original Marks & Spencer stall in Kirkgate Market

11.15am: Wandering through Trinity Leeds before heading up to university

Trinity has lots of well-known brands, restaurants and student-favourite shops, including: a Primark that spans across three floors, an Apple store, a huge Boots and even a Lindt chocolatier. It's so big that you could easily spend the whole day there, and it's the perfect place to take friends when they come to visit you at uni.

Jenny Rowbotham - image of Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre

11:45am: Having a little look around one of Leeds’ international supermarkets

This one is really close to Leeds Beckett’s city campus, and it’s incredibly popular with students. I always have a look inside when i'm walking up to uni. You can get lots of unusual ingredients in here, which are sure to impress your housemates. There’s also a café where you can stop by if you fancy something a little different for your mid-morning snack – they serve amazing bubble tea, sushi and sticky steamed buns.

Jenny Rowbotham - Leeds Oriental Supermarket within the Merrion Centre

12:00pm: Fueling myself for an afternoon of studying

This is in the Rose Bowl building’s food court, on City Campus. Here you can get yourself a barista coffee and an yummy slice of cake for a much cheaper price than the big-name coffee shops. You’ll always see people in here enjoying breakfast and lunch before lectures. Some of the most popular food counters here are: the salad bar, the pizza counter and the hot sandwich section. There's also fish and chips every Friday if you fancy carrying on the old tradition!

Jenny Rowbotham - coffee at Rose Bowl cafe

17:00pm: Emerging from university after an afternoon of working hard

After attending my lectures and staying behind for a couple of hours to complete an assignment, it’s time for me to leave uni for the day. I always love looking at the university buildings by night, as they look really special when all lit up. This picture is of Leeds Civic Hall, which faces the Rose Bowl. It was looking very pretty, lit up in rainbow colours to support LGBT History Month.

Jenny Rowbotham - Leeds Civil Hall illuminated for LGBT History Month

17:10pm: Having a quick drink in the Dry Dock

Right opposite the City Campus buildings is the Dry Dock. It’s a real-life docked boat, which always hosts fun events and serves cheap, tasty food. There’s a weekly pub quiz, and on certain nights of the week you’ll be able to grab yourself a drink for just £1.

Jenny Rowbotham - outside of the Dry Dock

18:00pm: Finishing off my day with a walk around Granary Wharf

This is a really cool area in the city centre, along the Leeds-Liverpool canal. One of the main attractions here is the free water taxi, which is a boat that takes you to Leeds Dock. There are also lots of quirky bars and delicious places to eat – including the ‘Sky Bar’, where you can sit and sip cocktails whilst looking out at the city’s skyline. Also visible in this picture is Bridgwater Place – Leeds’ tallest building. 

Jenny Rowbotham - Granary Wharf at night


My name is Jenny, I’m from Halifax and am studying Speech and Language Therapy. I enjoy travelling and am very lucky to have had lots of opportunities to do this - exploring new cultures and seeing animals from around the world makes me so happy. I absolutely love Leeds, it’s a wonderful city that always has something going on and loads of places to explore - I am super proud of saying I live here and study at Leeds Beckett!

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