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Before I begin, it’s worth saying that no two days are the same as an Events Management student at Leeds Beckett. There's always something new to work on or get involved with, and lectures are often delivered by different experts, to provide a range of insights.

This year is slightly different to previous years as contact time is less, and university has (very conveniently) condensed our contact time down into two days per week. This is so you have the time outside of lectures to get your dissertation under control - never underestimate the amount of time needed for this! Particularly towards the end of the year (which is now for me), this time becomes very valuable revision time.

Despite no two days really every being the same, here is a look into a typical Monday usually looks like for me right now, as a final year Events Management student.

Monday is an early start for us this semester, as we have a 9am lecture. Getting out of bed always seems tough, but you soon get used to it, and my relatively short walk to university always wakes me up.  And, just in case it doesn't, there's always the option to buy a (large) coffee at the Tiki café when you get there - these coffees have seen me through some long library days!

Coffee cup on desk looking out to Carnegie Stadium

Then, it's off to the 9am Strategy and Marketing lecture. This is not nearly as scary as it sounds - I promise! This is then followed with the Strategy and Marketing seminar which takes place in smaller groups. The smaller seminar groups are a great way to get to know your peers, and to ask your tutor important questions that you may not feel comfortable asking in the lecture theatre or that may not apply to everyone. They also often elaborate on the lecture content to ensure everybody understands.

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After this time, we have a 3 hour break. Although this seems like a long time, breaks are never a bad thing. I've found this time useful for grabbing some food on campus, going to the University’s gym, completing any group work or individual work, or simply just gathering my thoughts and relaxing before the final seminar of the day. Group work is less often in final year, but you are encouraged to revise in groups to help each other out and benefit from one another’s knowledge or revision strategies. A great way of doing this with minimal distractions is to book a study room in the library, which can be done through MyBeckett or at the reception desk!

View of James Graham building from far away

Our final seminar of the day takes place at the Cricket Pavillion at Headingley stadium. This is a short walk from Headingley Campus, and quite an impressive place to study, particularly if you’re a sport fan. This last seminar focuses on venues and resources which is extremely useful when going out into the real world.

Events Management lecture at Carnegie Stadium

There is no doubt that this is a long day, but the break makes it easier. It’s also worth noting that everybody on our course has slightly different timetables depending on what modules they chose to study in third year, so this won't always be the case for everybody. It also means you get a good chunk of your lessons out of the way on a Monday, which is a good feeling and sets you up for the rest of the week. At this point it’s always nice to head home and have some course friends over for dinner to wind down - ready to be productive again tomorrow!

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