From my early teens, I’ve loved to record and perform music. I was fascinated by the way that music sounds on a recording, and listening to my favourite artists helped to fuel this fascination. This meant that I was always sure that I wanted to study a music related degree at university. When looking at my options, Leeds Beckett’s Music Production course was the one that stood out to me the most, and I decided to make it my first choice.

Ross Walton - student brand ambassador. Image of recording studio

The transition from a Music Performance college course, to a Music Production course at Leeds Beckett worked very well for me. I was worried that studying music might mean I lose my interest outside of university, but I definitely haven’t. I still love to perform outside of university, and it’s a great perk that I get to use the music studios whenever I feel like it!

Ross Walton - Student Brand Ambassador. Image of Ross producing Music

I think what I like the most about this course is the quality of the equipment and facilities that we’re offered. Software is updated really regularly, which is great. There’s around 10 recording studios, which means you’re never really waiting to use one. They’re also open through the night! I wasn’t sure if I’d ever need to use them in the early hours, but I’ve actually found this really useful in my second year.

Ross Walton - Student Brand ambassador. Image of student playing drums

After my degree is over, I’d love to become a Music Producer. My course has developed my skills in: setting up a track, recording, mixing, mastering, live sound (for if I ever want to manage a big event) and song writing (which is my favourite). These skills all together will eventually allow me to help others make creative material, tailored to their individual ideas. It’s going to be great for my career to compliment my passion for music, and I’d love to spend every day helping musicians turn their visions into a reality!

Ross Walton student brand ambassaodr, mixing music in studio


Hello, I’m Ross and I’m a 2nd year Music Production student from County Durham. I have a real interest in recording music in pretty much any genre - including arranging, mixing and mastering. I am also a first study guitarist who sings and writes songs, and I would consider myself a bit of a gym enthusiast as I like to keep active. If I am not doing anything relating to studying, music or fitness, then I enjoy playing games, watching movies or reading books like the ‘Game Of Thrones’ series.

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