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My Journey as a Commuter Student

A lot of people would think that spending nearly 2 hours to get to uni would be a bit of a hassle, but after spending 3 years doing just that I have to say it's a great experience, and not nearly as boring as you think it is.

View down a bus from the back seat

My usual route means I take two buses to get up to Headingley campus. But this has had some real positive effects. I am usually the first person in my class to get there, even though many of them only live 10 minutes away. It's made me be more organised with my time, knowing I would have to leave the house earlier and get home later. I also try and spend the bus journey doing something productive, whether that be reading materials or notes, or sending any emails I may need to.

I buy a yearly bus pass (which is a lot cheaper than singles) I save a lot of money as I only have to fork out that cash once, rather than budgeting for it throughout the year. If you can't do this you could buy weekly bus passes because that again is cheaper than buying them daily.

Having this bus pass assures I can travel to uni for sure, but it also means I can travel on other days if I need to be somewhere else, or want to go out with friends. And having a pass that can go further than Leeds means that if you need to ever leave the city for a project, it’s totally doable. As well as if you just want an adventure yourself!

Another great tip is to plan your journeys ahead. If you have a lecture at 9am, make sure to use a map app or online to help you plan the best bus to get to be there on time! You might even be surprised and find another route that is quicker for you! Yeah, getting lost or missing your stop can sometimes be a little heart breaking (especially if you are going to be late for a lecture!), but it does mean you get to walk and just see that little bit more of the world. You get to notice and walk through that park you drive past every day. You get to stop and just be present. I think we all could do with a bit of that sometimes.


Hello! I'm Charlotte, a Broadcast Media Student and I've just finished my placement year. I'm heading into my final year at Leeds Beckett and I've loved every second of it! I love capturing the world and telling a story through my videos. On top of my university career I create my own videos, livestream and work as a freelance artist. I love playing video games, watching a variety of different content, and creating art.

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