University is the time for students to experience night life, eat ready-made oven meals everyday with no guilt, and enjoy a bit of procrastinating before completing that assignment due next week.

Your housemates that you will be living with most of your university life play a big role in your experience. In times when it’s too cold outside or your wallet is aching, a night in with your housemates is just what you need. Here I present to you some ideas that guarantee happy faces and not break the bank…

  1. Game night
    On board game night you can be assured that everyone will participate, and everyone will have fun. If you have roommates who are from somewhere closeby and they head home for the weekend - ask them to smuggle some childhood board games back to university with them. If not, try investing in some games as a group. Games such as ‘Monopoly’, ‘Cluedo’, ‘UNO’, poker and ‘guess who?’ will keep everyone entertained. Just make sure you put on a good playlist in the background, have plenty of places to sit, have candy and crisps, and you are ready to go!
  2. Movie Night
    It sounds so cliché to even mention this idea, but you cannot go wrong with it. The key point here is to pick a movie that everyone will enjoy. A tip is to discuss the movie ahead of time to avoid watching countless trailers and arguments. Don’t forget to bring blankets and cushions for a super cosy night. What is a movie night without snacks? Candy, popcorn, pizza, and soda are always a good option!
  3. Relax and Rejuvenate with a spa night
    Dim the lights, light up some scented candles, brew some hot tea and enjoy the serenity. Everyone needs time to just let go of stress, and who better than your housemates to do that with? Create some DIY face masks or simply buy some, exfoliate, give each other a manicure-pedicure, massages, pamper your skin and just release any stress that university has given you.
  4. Video game Night
    Immerse yourself in some intense video games such as ‘Fifa’, ‘Mario kart’, and even some ‘Fortnite’. I’m sure if you ask around, plenty of people will already own these games. Whether it will be you playing, or you’ll be rooting for a particular friend to win, it will definitely be one noisy and fun filled night!
  5. Baking night
    Is there anything better than having a house that smells like a French patisserie? Having a baking night is a delicious and amusing experience. There are, of course, baking recipes that use pricey, exotic ingredients. However, for the most part, baking is inexpensive as it only uses three ingredients: eggs, flour and sugar. The great part is that you don’t even have to make it from scratch! Buy a mix of your choice and add in the other two ingredients and you are good to go. Baking is about sharing, so be ready to indulge in various treats and hand them out to your friends.
  6. Dinner Party
    Making food at home is definitely cheaper that buying food outside. You are able to split the cost between your housemates, and you are also saving yourself from having to eat the same food for the whole week. You could all chip in and together make an English roast dinner, Mexican fajitas, Indian curry… the list goes on and on. You can even have the choice of having half the household cook while the other half could be in charge of dishes. It’s a win-win situation!
  7. GYM night!
    Gym memberships can be crazy expensive and I know that a lot of people feel a bit of gymtimidation. A fun night in idea is to gym at home with your housemates. Look up some exercise video that enables you to work out for free. Collectively, come up with a workout plan that everyone will enjoy and sweat out all that baking you’ve just done!


Hi! My name is Abbie and I am currently studying an MA in public relations and strategic communications at Leeds Beckett. I am the definition of a “global nomad”. I adore things that are just aesthetically pleasing. I do not like chocolate unless it is a Ferrero Rocher.