I’ve always been interested in English as a subject and preferred it over maths and science as it came much easier to me. I was always making up stories or reading as a kid, and that passion has stayed with me my entire life, which made English with Creative Writing the only logical option for me!

So far in my course we’ve covered a wide variety of texts, from Shakespeare (don’t worry – you never have to look at Romeo and Juliet again!) to dystopian plays and poetry published as recently as 2018! You look at genres and ideas you’ll have never considered before, and that’s my favourite part about the course so far.

The course has been challenging (in a good way) as there is a lot more independent study than in sixth form – I only have 9 hours of contact time a week and the rest I have to myself. With new texts every other week, there’s a lot more emphasis on reading in your own time and doing independent study – although your tutors are only one email away if you have any questions about assignments.

I’m mainly based in Broadcasting Place, which is the tall, industrial building just up the road from the Rose Bowl and the Sheila Silver Library. The building is up to date and modern, which I love. The building in general is in a great area, as it’s right in the centre of so many different shops and food places – Blackwell’s is just up the road for all your books, and the church across the road often has kilo thrift sales! Trinity Leeds, the main shopping hub, is only a ten-minute walk away, which means you’re never too far from the heart of Leeds!

Once I’ve graduated, I know this degree will come in handy. English degrees can be seen as one of the less important degrees, as they don’t lead to one specific profession, but this is completely untrue. I’m learning to analyse language at a critical level, write assignments formally and professionally, widen my definition of ‘literature’, and much more. In the future I hope to use my degree in editing or proofreading, or maybe teaching. With English, you have so many options!

Thanks for reading!

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