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Vlog | Guide to Christmas in Leeds

Hi, I'm Dotty. Here's my guide to Christmas in Leeds!

Vlog guide to Christmas in Leeds

Welcome to our latest student vlog, this time from 1st year Filmmaking student Dotty.

She's discussing the best things to do as a student here in Leeds this Christmas.

Her top 5 activities include:

  • Checking out the nightlife
  • Visiting Leeds' famous cat cafe
  • Creating your own Christmas decorations
  • Exploring Leeds' Christmas market
  • Making a trip to Leeds' bonfires and shows

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I’m Dotty and I’m a Filmmaking Student from Devon. On the rare occasion I’m not on a film shoot you’ll find me enjoying the student life – perfecting the art of the baked potato, solving the mysteries of housework and having fun all in the heart of the city of Leeds.