• Revision tip one - Colour-code topics ta trigger your memories later. Colour coding really helps and also makes revision a little bit more fun! Colour code answers, the cards you write on and even your different topics.
  • Revision tip two - Display revision in your room. Putting posters up of mind maps and pictures to help trigger your memory will really help. It means you’re always reading them and absorbing the information subconsciously too!
  • Revision tip three - Organise your notes. Figure out what notes are important for the exam / assignment and which ones you no longer need. When it comes to revision, being organised is key. It makes it more difficult if you’re revising information that won’t even come up in your exam. If you’re not sure, ask your tutor what’s likely to come up.
  • Revision tip four - Don't rush your studying and don't leave it to the last minute. Plan your time out wisely and make sure you make time for revising each subject. Rushing and cramming won’t do you any good – it will just make you stressed.
  • Revision tip five - Try different revision techniques. Watching videos making mind maps, recording yourself reading out your notes and re-writing things can all help. Watching a YouTube video on the subject always helps me, because then I remember the specific video in my exam. You can also watch YouTube videos on study techniques. Try new ways of learning and see if any help more than others.
  • Revision tip six - Revise in short chunks. Take regular breaks and don't rush anything. Taking breaks will help you to have something to look forward to. Set an alarm for every 45 minutes and take a break then.
  • Revision tip seven - Test yourself and get others to test you. Testing yourself and making quizzes forces you to remember the content. Try and set out the questions the same way as the questions will be in the exam so that you know what to expect.
  • Revision tip eight - Remember to sleep and eat! When you feel tired in the evening, go to sleep – don’t force yourself to stay awake to cram in more studying. Your brain will not function without fuel and energy and it means that the revision you do will be pointless. Put your health first!
  • Revision tip nine - Do past papers. Past paper questions will get you more prepared for that exam than anything else. Every year the same sort of questions tend to pop up, so it’s good to get used to them. Answer them, check the marking scheme and check how well you did. If you learn what kind of answers they we expecting then you know what to expect.
  • Revision tip ten - Don't completely stop socialising during revision time. Getting out of the house and having fun takes your mind off revision and prevents you getting too stressed. Make plans around your schedule with friends and family. Having things planned in evening for example also gives you something to work towards during revision in the day. For example, set yourself the goal that you will answer five past paper questions by the time you need to get ready to go out! Then you won’t feel guilty about going out too.

Hope these help – good luck!

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