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Music has always always been my biggest passion, however, making the music wasn’t my forte and I hated singing. So, it was a gift to find a degree that matched my passion with my academic ability which was science. My parents found it quite ironic when I applied for this course as I stopped studying music at key stage 3.

In year one we studied a wide variety of topics, from Music in context, to studio sessions where we were to recreate a song from scratch. At first it was very daunting and some of the topics seemed far too difficult for me, considering I basically had no technology experience within music industry. However, with a good support network and some persistence I managed to get the hang of it and achieved way above the grade that I initially expected.

What really helped me succeed on the course was the staff. The staff are all so lovely and highly knowledgeable, if there’s something they don’t know then it’s probably not worth knowing. They treat us as peers of the industry, and guide us through the course rather than treating us like schoolchildren. They don’t tell us something has to be a certain way, they love it when we push the boundaries and make them think.

The facilities available are very good also, with plenty of instruments, microphone choice and devices all readily available, all for no cost. There are also many studios available to hire, small and large. I haven’t seen such professional, high standard studios elsewhere within a university. This made it so convenient and easy to complete deadlines way ahead of time.

I also love how interconnected the faculty is. Some modules have involved me working with students from other courses such as Music Production and Performance, and Music Production. This makes the faculty feel like its own little community within the wider university community. Everyone is really friendly and will be willing to help you, and they probably know your flatmate or some of your other course mates!

It’ll be strange when I graduate next year. However, I know I will be fully equipped for a career in anything to do with music and technology. Some people may think that this degree can lead to a dead end, but this isn’t so at all. This degree can lead me onto working in audiology, the film industry, teaching, acoustics, live sound and so many more routes.

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