Year after year, the Leeds International Festival has been a sell-out event that people love to attend. This year, Leeds Beckett through their partnership with Leeds Bid, gave me the opportunity to attend the PR launch of Leeds International Festival 2019 as a Beckett student.

Let me tell you exactly what the Leeds International Festival 2019 is, as well as sharing my experience as an excited attendee to this event.

Prior to attending the PR launch, I was very intrigued to attend an event where I was not working to ensure everything went according to the programme, but as an attendee.

The event was held at The Tetley, the contemporary art gallery complex located next to the docks. When I entered The Tetley, I was able to chat with the other invitees while indulging in some fancy beverages. Everyone was then escorted to the Tetley Hall and seated where a projector and some beautiful lights were all set up.

Abbie at the LIF launch

What is the festival?

Gemma Holsgrove, Festival Executive, took to the stage and spoke about her experience working with the collaborative, creative and dynamic cultural scene in Leeds. She explained what the festival is all about and I am happy to share it with you using the 5Ws and 1H method!

What is it?

Leeds International Festival 2019 is a festival that invites world-leading creators, innovators, thought leaders and pioneers to come to the city of Leeds to share new ideas and discuss the world of tomorrow. The festival will have talented performers, artists, musicians, national and international speakers that will bring an influx of new ideas and innovation which will help to put Leeds on the map.

Who is it for?

It is for you, it is for me and it is for everyone!


The thrilling array of events will take place from 2 May -12 May 2019. Prepare for 10 days, 45 events, 37 event partners and 19 venues, all packed into the city of Leeds.


The central hubs will be ‘the Village’ which will be located at the Tetley, and the Discovery Zone on Briggate. These will be the hives of the activity and will provide focal points for some of the festival’s events. Other venues include Leeds Central Library, Corn Exchange, Victoria Leeds, Merrion Centre, Old Broadcasting House and many more. They’re all dotted around the city, so they’re very accessible. They’re all very cool places I might add!

Abbie at the LIF launch

Why attend the festival?

Whether you are into gaming, art, fashion, poetry, film, music, sports or learning workshops or something else entirely, the festival offers something for everyone. With its aim to have an inclusive approach and to broaden people’s minds with knowledge and insights on culture and creativeness, it is definitely a festival to attend.


You can head over to the Leeds International Festival website and have a look at the full programme, which was revealed at the PR launch. Some events are free and just require you to register online, and some range from £10 - £22. If you fancy browsing a hard copy of the programme, you can head over to the Tetley to pick up one free of charge.

Once all of this was explained, the PR launch ended with more beverages, some canapés and some time to do some networking. I left the event with some freebies such as a tote bag, a LIF pin badge and the programme booklet.

The festival truly realises the opportunity to exhibit the cultural and innovative DNA of Leeds in a new and vibrant way, by bringing people together for the collective good of the city. Leeds Beckett University is a partner of the the festival not only for their students to get involved, but to help make the event accessible for everyone in the city to enjoy and put Leeds on the map. They also have 11 events as part of the festival line-up!

I am definitely going to register for the “Staying human in a busy world” talk by Gelong Thubten, plus a few others. I hope I have convinced you enough to attend at least one event.

Hope to see you there!


Hi! My name is Abbie and I am currently studying an MA in public relations and strategic communications at Leeds Beckett. I am the definition of a “global nomad”. I adore things that are just aesthetically pleasing. I do not like chocolate unless it is a Ferrero Rocher.

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