Here’s a few places to bear in mind when you’re not sure where to go for a night out in Leeds. The list covers both Headingley and Leeds City Centre so no matter which campus you’re studying on, there’ll be some ideas for you here.



This is Headingley’s local student pub. It's the watering hole for many-a-skint student. Located on Otley Road, you’re never far from grabbing a bite to eat after last orders. There's KFC, Subway, I Am Döner (highly recommend), take your pick. There's a pub quiz every Tuesday, karaoke on Sundays, pool tables, darts and best of all, 10% student discount off their already cheap pints.

The Original Oak

This one is highly recommended as soon as the sun comes out. There’s few better places to be in the sun than Oak beer garden with your mates. Made even better if there’s sport on the big screen. And when they light their trademark BBQ, you have no excuse to leave.


If you don't fancy a classic pub night, but you don’t quite want a club, then Manahatta offers you a perfect mixture. It's got a vibrant, lively environment, whilst still allowing you to have a conversation at a relatively normal volume. It’s something a bit different to what's on offer in Headingley, and with the Manahatta card (also works in The Box and The Pit, and only costs a quid) it makes it a cheaper night as well. If you fancy the Manhatta experience outside of Headingley then there’s also branches on Greek Street and Merrion Street in the city centre.

The Box

The Box on Otley Road is the closest thing you’ll find to a club in Headingley. Closing at 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s also the last place open without heading to the centre. Pretty chilled throughout the day, but becomes a lot more lively on an evening. This is often a gathering place when all other places in Headingley have called last orders. And again, similar to Manahatta, if you fancy The Box experience outside of Headingley, then you can head to the Box's newly opened branch in the city centre.

Leeds City Centre

Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

Maybe not the cheapest place for students to go, but that’s not to say it’s not worth the money you spend by any means. It provides a different sort of night to other bars and clubs in Leeds - with multiple floors, all of them have a different feel. It’s also worth mentioning that you can grab a bite to eat without even having to leave as they serve pizza by the slice right next to the downstairs bar. A visit to Belgrave is one of the best additions to any night out!

LS6 Café

Based in the centre of Hyde Park (one of Leeds' student areas between the city centre and Headingley), LS6 has something to please everyone. Open from breakfast until late, you can pop down at any time of day depending in what you’re looking for. They’re especially well known for their amazing breakfasts (have a search on Instagram if you don’t believe me), worth bearing in mind if the parents come to visit. They also have regular events if you’re wanting to ditch the breakfast smoothie for a Pornstar Martini.


This is the go-to club for all Leeds Beckett students. Known mostly for their Monday and Wednesday nights; Monday being the notorious ‘Quids In’ and Wednesday’s ‘Antics’. In here, you’ll find all sport social nights out dressed as anything from cavemen to farm animals. The perfect place to go as a group, Pryzm has 3 different rooms with a different sound in each. There's the main room for all your regular club songs, Curve for RnB and Hip-Hop and the upstairs cheese room (no explaination needed here).


For a bit more of an underground feel, Space is your place. Hot, dark, but always a good night. Pretty cheap too. It has a very different style to the cheesy rooms of Pryzm but is still a good night in its own respect. Oh, expect to see a lot of gun fingers and bass face dancing too!

Call Lane

As the name suggests, this is a lane in the centre of Leeds lined with bars/clubs. Enjoy sophistication and sipping Long Island iced teas at The Maven before having a dance at Jake’s Bar or Call Lane Social before finishing your night at Revs or even Revs De Cuba. And if you don’t want to go home just yet, then The Stone Roses Bar (open until 6am!) is just around the corner. Not the cheapest night in Leeds by any means but well worth a visit on a special occasion.

This is just a drop in the ocean for what the Leeds night life has on offer. You’ll never be short of a place to go, that’s for sure.


Hey! I’m Ben, a final year Sport Marketing student. Originally from Middlesbrough, I moved to Leeds when I started at Leeds Beckett. I have two main passions, sport and modern technologies and look to combine the two whenever I can.

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