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There are plenty of opportunities to build your CV up at Beckett, no matter what you study.

Starting locally, Beckett offers so many opportunities to work through the amazing Job Shop. The Job Shop is for students looking for any work - from a one-off volunteering job, to graduate jobs after university. Finding part-time work through the Job Shop is a breeze and super flexible around your studies, so its perfect for student life. They simply email you work opportunities they think you'll be interested in and you reply if you would like to take them. Volunteering opportunities and placements are also available through it, which are both perfect chances to build up your skills and beef up your CV! You can register with the Job Shop three times a year: September/October, February, and May/June, so make sure you register to build that CV up.

Matt and friends in the volleyball team

Looking a little further afield, most courses offer the chance to study abroad for a semester or sometimes even a full year! Studying abroad can seem like a daunting prospect at first, but its by far the best way to make yourself stand out to employers in an interview or applying for a job. Having the guts to move to another country to study and be completely independent shows that you’re willing to take on risks and new challenges, ready to adapt and learn in any environment. Ask your course leader about studying abroad on your course, because Beckett encourages students to take this opportunity. Not only does it bulk your CV and give you situations to talk about in interviews, you also spend time in other cultures. This makes you aware of things you weren’t before, which can be an invaluable skill in the world of work for an employer when looking at a CV.

Matt and friends volunteering in South Africa

International Volunteering is perhaps less of a commitment than studying abroad, but it still offers all of the same benefits. Beckett sends students all over the world to volunteer, and it’s a fantastic opportunity that I had the pleasure of taking. Volunteering with Beckett demonstrates to employers that you’re capable of working alongside others in a team, while also having the independence to function on your own and take on new challenges, much like studying abroad. You have to fund raise some of the cost of your volunteering, so on your CV it shows that you’re driven to reach your goals. Particular types of volunteering – such as teaching – can actually directly benefit your career, so it’s a fantastic chance to get some experience that stands out just a little more than volunteering at your local primary school one day a week.

Matt and friends volunteering in South Africa

A really easy way to get some invaluable experience for your CV is to join a sports team or society. If you commit to a sports team, you could work your way on to the committee which would demonstrate your passion, drive, and leadership qualities - all while doing something you enjoy! Joining a society could help to build your CV significantly, depending on what that society does. An active society could help build your skill set with things such as event management, social media experience, or skills more directly linked to your course.

There’s plenty of opportunities at Beckett to help you to build that CV, so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there and give all of these things a try!

Volleyball team


Hi I'm Matt, I'm from Newcastle and I'm in my third and final year of studying English Literature with Creative Writing at Beckett. Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy both watching and playing sports, and I'm currently the Social Secretary and Welfare Officer for the Beckett Men's Volleyball team.

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