Sleep is essential during the exam period. Try to make sure that you maintain a good sleeping pattern, as it really enhances your studying. By spreading out your studying (not cramming it all into one day) and ensuring that you sleep in-between your study sessions, your brain will be able to take in more information as well as consolidate your memories.

Create a study group

Creating a study group with your friends or classmates is a great solution if you're prone to procrastination, because study groups meet at a set time and everyone has a goal to accomplish. Members of the group could help each other avoid distraction and stay focused on the task at hand. If you are studying alone, there's always the temptation for you to postpone revising for an exam, and do everything and anything else you can think of. This isn't possible in a group!

Refrain from social media

If you are constantly tempted to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other sites and waste valuable time, then my advice is to stop using them altogether during exam time. If you are unable to completely log out, then try to give yourself a time limit to use the apps, or better yet, finish a chapter then reward yourself of 5 minutes of social media time. It's important that you're strict with this though - 5 minutes can easily turn into 50 if you're not careful. You just need to think, social media will still be there once your exam is over, and you can spend as much time as you like using it then.

Reward yourself

Set a goal to finish 2-3 chapters of a book, or 2 - 3 pages of notes, and reward yourself afterwards. This could be with a bath, watching half an episode of a TV series, or playing a game. This way you would feel more motivated to complete a task and you will be prepared for the exam in no time.

Ask for help

If your ever feel stressed or overwhelmed, it would be helpful to talk to someone you are close to such as friends, classmates, a teacher or a family member. Many students find exams very difficult to deal with, so do not be afraid to ask for support from anyone. You'll probably perform much better after getting some help, rather than struggling on your own.

Do not over stress yourself

Once you have finished your exam, forget about it. Try not to spend too much time thinking about the answers you have put down, looking into your revision papers to see if you had written the right thing, or even comparing your answers with your friends. Try to focus on the next exam, or if they're all finished, relax and enjoy the break. You can't change what's already happened, so don't stress and you'll be absolutely fine.


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