One of the best ways to get involved in social activities at Leeds Beckett is to join a sports team. Sport team trials are often in Freshers Week so be sure to look out for all the sign-up trial sheets at the Freshers Fair. Don’t worry if you’re not successful trials or of you don’t play at the highest standard. Leeds Beckett has a whole multitude of different teams competing at different levels across loads of different sports. There's some really random ones which you've probably never tried before (like tchoukball, korfball and futsal) which might be fun. What’s so good about sport at Leeds Beckett is the regular Wednesday night socials. These are often themed so there's always an excuse to go out looking daft in Pryzm. Another great aspect of this is that you don’t have to actually compete within a Beckett sports team to be able to take part in these socials and feel part of a club. Sports teams have groups of people who support and attend games, all of which are welcome at the club socials. Have a look at sport at Leeds Beckett here:


You name it, Leeds Beckett has got it! Societies are a great way of meeting like-minded people who like taking part in similar activities to yourself. There are societies for anything from climbing to ethical hacking, so chances are, they will be a society for you. Societies have regular meet-ups and social events to get involved in. Another bonus is that often, they’re very cheap to be a part of. If for whatever reason there isn’t a society that you fancy already up and running then feel free to set one up yourself through the Student's Union. All you need is two other people, so you can all fill the roles of president, secretary and treasurer and you’re good to go! Check out all the societies that Leeds Beckett already has on offer here:


Now this one might sound obvious, but it can often be overlooked. There’s no better way to get involved than with those who you’re already surrounded by. When you move in, in September, everybody is in the same boat. Everybody is feeling the exact same as you (probably nervous and eager to make friends) so making an effort and socialising is a sure-fire way of getting involved in as much as you can during your time at uni. Chances are, you’ll be friends with who you meet in halls throughout uni and beyond so getting involved with them from as soon as you move in is never a bad idea.

Have a look around more Leeds Beckett blogs to see just how much there is to do in Leeds! It really is the perfect place to stay social and get involved with whatever you want!


Hey! I’m Ben, a final year Sport Marketing student. Originally from Middlesbrough, I moved to Leeds when I started at Leeds Beckett. I have two main passions, sport and modern technologies and look to combine the two whenever I can.

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