I may be a Leeds Beckett student, however my home town is Huddersfield. I have lived there for 14 years and can honestly say it’s an amazing place to live. Leeds is great let’s be honest, but Huddersfield is home of Rugby League so will always have a special place in my heart! It’s just a 25-minute drive away from Leeds city centre, and you’ll be among the beautiful countryside and fun town of Huddersfield. If you’re studying in Leeds and fancy exploring somewhere new, then here are the town’s hotspots you need to know about. I promise they’re amazing!

  1. Castle Hill
    Castle Hill is Huddersfield’s prized monument built in 1899 in the quaint area of Almondbury. Famous for being seen from miles around, Castle Hill goes back over 4000 years with the site being developed as an iron-age hill fort, surrounded by defensive ditches and ramparts. Modern day, it’s a great tourist spot for locals and travellers alike, where the 360-degree views are ones not to miss. (Visit at sunset and thank me later!)
  2. Marsden
    If you’re wanting that pure Yorkshire feel, then Marsden Village is the spot for you. Seeped in rich industrial heritage, Marsden offers something for all. Teeming with peaks, canals, valleys and reservoirs and of course lots of gin bars, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a true Yorkshire feel. Located around a 15-minute drive from Huddersfield town centre, between the valley, sits Marsden’s town centre. It’s a very small village, but ideal for spending an afternoon during the warm summer months. The riverside bars and restaurants bring elegant character into the heart of the village and makes it well worth a visit.
  3. Rokt Climbing Gym
    This is possibly my favourite place in Huddersfield! It’s in the heart of an area called Brighouse and is home to the UK’s highest man-made outdoor climbing wall, amazing indoor climbing, a nerf arena, spin cycle studio, escape rooms, yoga studio, award-winning pub and restaurant! It’s just 10 minutes from Huddersfield town centre. This place really is an adventure land. I visit Rokt at least once a week as its probably the most fun way to get a workout in. Freeclimbing is extremely good for your physical and mental health as its working all the body muscles to an extreme. It’s not all hard work as its super fun with 4,100 metres of climbing surface for you to attempt. Take a mate and try it out!
  4. Bar 10 & Manor House
    Okay so I may be biased as I do work here part-time alongside my degree, but these cocktail bars and restaurants are some of the best in Yorkshire. Bar 10 is found in the small village of Lindley and is well known for its exceptional cocktails and professional service (I’m blowing my own trumpet here!). It’s modern décor and cosy beer garden attract people from all around Yorkshire. Perfect in both winter and summer, it’s well worth the visit for a taste of one of those cocktails… ill even serve you myself. Manor House is right across the road from Bar 10 and opened at the end of 2018 so its fairly new. Oozing elegance and indulgence the newly converted Manor House offers a choice of bars, restaurants, and includes a hotel, gym and beer garden - all situated in the beautiful grounds. The quality is to die for, but the price to stay over might be a little out of a student budget. It’s definitely worth it for a visit now and then but you might want to think about going when your parents next visit.

There you go… there’s just a few of Huddersfield’s hotspots! If you’re studying in Leeds, then I highly recommend you visiting as there’s so much to do in this vibrant town. I’ll even give you a tour myself if you decide to come!

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