University is the place to find yourself.

You are on the path to adulthood, and suddenly it’s all change. You are now expected to know which laundry pile that stripped shirt is expected to go into - black or white? You must do adult tasks like grocery shopping and cooking for yourself.

It can be a confusing time for your friendships too. You need to meet all new people and figure out which group you best fit into. After reading this blog, you may have an idea of who you’d be best making friends with.

I present to you ten types of people you are likely to meet and be friends with at university:

  1. The Cheap Reasonable One
    This is also known as the person who is financially and economically smart. This is the person who knows all the places where they provide student discounts, lunch deals, 2 for 1 specials and even the best time to go grocery shopping to hit the aisle where the food has been reduced. They only ever want to go to places with free entry and student drinks deals. This friend helps you control your finances and prevents you from entering your overdraft.
  2. The Wild One
    You are likely to be friends with a person who is the life and soul of the party. You might not always see them in the 9am classes (most likely recovering from a night out) but they will still manage to get relatively good grades. They are always up for having a good time whether its going out or simply having a flat party.
  3. The Social Media Addict
    Always looks put together and photo ready! This friend is probably super active on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. This friend will probably know the locations of pretty cafes, murals, graffiti walls and signs perfect to take a picture worthy to be posted on Instagram. Being friends with this person means you not only get to explore the hidden gems of Leeds, but you also get content for your social media feeds!
  4. The Parent
    This is usually the person who is found sipping on a cuppa, ready to share wisdom and probably cleaning up after everyone else (especially after the messiest one has volunteered to make dinner). They are also the supplier of things you always need such as paracetamol, tissues, ointments, and could also be your personal alarm clock. Keep this person close by all year round, they could definitely help you when you are homesick!
  5. The Model Student This friend is an eager beaver who will make sure they get the most out of their £££ when it comes to their education. To them, fresher’s week is unnecessary and going out is not really on their agenda unless they have finished their work. They are the best type of people to be friends with because they can help you with assignments, remind you of submission dates and even lend you their notes for exams.
  6. The Next Door Neighbour
    The girl or boy next door might end up being one of your best mates. There could be one of those gloomy days where you are locked indoors, and you are sick of your own flat. A great escape would be going over to your neighbour’s flat to relax and let time pass by. You could end up widening your circle of friends as well.
  7. The Transfer Student
    Leeds Beckett is known for its international exchange programs. Being friends with a transfer student can help both parties here. Learning about different cultures, possibly a different language, trying out different food and exploring new places are things you could experience when you are friends with a transfer student. They might even return the favour when you visit their country!
  8. The One from Home
    You are bound to meet a friend from either your hometown, someone from nearby or even the same country as you. Hearing a recognisable accent or a language could make you feel at home. Stay in contact with them because they could help you make that plane or train ride home less lonely and maybe bring back some snacks that you could only get back home.
  9. The Chef Friend
    Everyone enters university on a level playing field where we all have to cook for ourselves for the first time – but not the chef friend. This chef friend can present you with a full Sunday roast with wine pairing to match. This chef friend will be silently judging you as you heat up that Bolognese ready meal in the microwave for the third time this week.
  10. The Best Friend
    The cliché “university is where you make your friends for life” is true (for most students). There is not much explanation for this - this friend is just there for you, the person you go to for advice on an outfit, or even the person you rely on for a like on your latest Instagram post.


Hi! My name is Abbie and I am currently studying an MA in public relations and strategic communications at Leeds Beckett. I am the definition of a “global nomad”. I adore things that are just aesthetically pleasing. I do not like chocolate unless it is a Ferrero Rocher.

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