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Five Reasons I've enjoyed studying at Leeds Beckett

Hi, I'm Ben. This is a quick-fire list of the top five reasons I’ve enjoyed my time at Leeds Beckett University (just on a quick side note, there are many more than just five reasons!)

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The people you meet

At Leeds Beckett, there's such a large number of students, and as a result, there is a vast array of different people you can meet. Whether it be in a sports team, societies or even just in halls of residence, you meet so many people which only enhance your time at Leeds Beckett. At any time of day, there are people all around campus and there's such a buzz. Even if you don’t know 99% of them, it’s still really nice to be surrounded by students that are similar to you.

The places you go

As mentioned in previous blogs here, Leeds is the perfect city for student. It’s no wonder really - there's a student population of over 60,000 between all universities. Shopping, nightlife, things to do, you name it - Leeds has got it. Another big plus point for Leeds is that once you’re in the city centre, you can walk to pretty much all areas of the centre in a matter of minutes. There is a lot crammed into such a small area in Leeds which makes it perfect for getting around.

Leeds Beckett Sport

The BUCS tables don’t lie and as I’m sure you can see, Leeds Beckett scores pretty highly when it comes to sport. What’s so great about sport at Beckett is that you don’t even have to be at the top of your game for you to reap the benefits. There are multiple teams overs tens of sports, all competing at different standards. And to be honest, even if you don’t want to play, you can still be part of a sports team with regular socials and ways to get involved. Especially up at Headingley Campus, sport is everywhere so you’re never too far away from getting involved.


Moving away to university is daunting for anyone and as scary as it may seem at first, having the new-found freedom and independence is great! Having complete control over your time and what you do with it is amazing. Now I admit, having freedom and independence isn’t especially exclusive just to Leeds Beckett but there are parts of Beckett that make this much easier. This is for reasons such as: Leeds being such a student-orientated city, having great halls of residence on offer and Leeds also being a reasonably cheap city allowing you to get out and do things on a budget.


Leeds is crammed full of opportunity. It is a city that is currently receiving numerous investments from all over the globe, evidenced by Channel 4 choosing to move their HQ up here. All this is helping Leeds grow into a Northern powerhouse which only increases the number of opportunities further.

And then there's also loads of opportunities specifically at Beckett. I’m not going to sit and tell you every opportunity you can take advantage of at Beckett, but a quick look around their website can help to give you an idea at what there is to get involved with. There's volunteer work, SU roles, paid work and sports to name just a few. I’m from a small rural town so to have all these opportunities on my doorstep makes me realise just how much opportunity there is in Leeds and at Leeds Beckett.


Hey! I’m Ben, a final year Sport Marketing student. Originally from Middlesbrough, I moved to Leeds when I started at Leeds Beckett. I have two main passions, sport and modern technologies and look to combine the two whenever I can.

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