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The Benefits of Sport at University

Hi, I’m Molly and in this blog I’m going to talk a bit about why sport at university is so important and why you should get involved. I have been involved with the kayak club for the last two years. Being a part of the club has really enhanced my life whilst at university and in this blog I will tell you why.

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Meet new people

University can be a daunting place, especially if it’s in a completely new city and you don’t know anyone. Joining the kayak club was one of the best things I have done whilst at uni. I have met so many interesting people from completely different backgrounds and courses.

Keep fit

Living on your own for the first time makes falling into unhealthy habits so easy. By joining a sports team, it ensures that you’re being active for at least an hour or so, two or three times a week. The type of club you join will depend on the amount of times you train or compete. Some require little training whereas others will be more regular. The kayak club have weekly pool sessions for an hour and a half and we go on trips every few weeks. Our trips range from a few hours on local rivers or white-water rafting courses to nice long weekends away in the Lake District or the National student rodeo, which is a massive student kayaking event in March.

A positive distraction from uni work

Uni work should always be a priority, however working all the time isn’t a good idea. Playing sport and being part of a team allows you to blow off steam, relax and focus on something other than your work for a little while. By having a break from studying you will be positively building on other areas of your life such as friendships and health.

Helps with mental health

Sport allows you to take a breather and focus on something else. Over working yourself and not taking care of your mental health is not advised as it can lead to multiple different issues. Taking some time away from work and study can allow your mind to have a break, without really seeming like it.

Impresses employers

Employers like to see that you have more than just academic commitments and achievements to offer. Seeing that you have other interests lets them know that you can manage your time and have made the most of opportunities available. In a recent job interview the employer asked me ‘Do you do anything other than university?’. He was really impressed when I said kayaking, as he then asked me quite a few questions about it and he offered me the job straight away.

Joining a sports club is definitely worth thinking about in my opinion. There are so many things could go right and so little that could go wrong. Pretty much all clubs offer free taster sessions so there’s no reason not to try something out!

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