Attending the Open Day and getting a feel for your course is very important, as deciding on a course and university is an important decision to make – especially at postgraduate level! I have put together some tips so you can get the most out of your Open Day.

What I wanted to know from the course team before I applied

There were lots of questions I had before I attended an Open Day, but I found the event a really good opportunity to get these key questions answered. These included modules, costs, contact hours so I have put together five top questions to ask the course team. 

Top Questions to ask the Course Team

  1. Number one is what modules will you be studying? This will help you get a deeper understanding of whether the course is really what you want to be studying! You have to spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into learning these modules, so you need to make sure you have an interest in them. Some courses also offer placement experience within the modules, so this is also something else to consider when choosing your course. It’s good to ask if there are any option modules where you will have to decide what to pick. Knowing these option modules early will give you more time to decide.

  2. The next one is what careers can this course lead to? Especially if you are doing the course because it’s an area of interest, it is good to know what doors can be opened by the course. There may even be career opportunities that you haven’t considered which would be of interest to you. If you are applying to the course with the hope of getting a specific career out of it, check that this course will get you there. That leads on to asking if there is any further training that will be required following the course which may also need to be considered.

  3. The third question to ask the course team is if there are any additional costs on the course. A postgraduate course is a big investment so it is good to ensure you can afford it whilst you are studying. Some courses may require additional payments towards kit or transport to placements for example.

  4. The next question I would recommend asking the course team is what the timetable usually looks like. Knowing the contact hours is beneficial specifically if you need to work outside of the course.

  5. The final question is, is there any additional preparation for the course for before you enrol. Some courses have a reading list so it would be recommended that you get on top of this and get ahead of the game.

Why I spoke to the course leader

I liked speaking to the course leader before I started the course as it allows you to get to know the people you will be working closely with. It is good to have an understanding of the career history and research interests of the course team! I also spoke to the course leader to get an understanding of what they were looking for in the personal statement. These are the people that will be reading them and deciding whether you will be accepted so this could be key! It also makes the application process a lot less stressful when you know what they are looking for.

… and that’s my advice on how you can get the most out of attending an Open Day. I hope you’ve found it helpful.


Hi, I’m Emily. I’m currently studying my masters in Psychology of Sport and Exercise. When I’m not studying, you’ll find me training with the Leeds Beckett cheerleading team. My other hobbies include watching sport and travelling to new places.

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