As a student, finding discounts can be a great way to treat yourself to things you want or potentially getting discounts on things you need without breaking the bank. I have a few apps that I use on a regular basis which I’m going to talk about and also share with you a few tips for how you can look out for student discounts.


I’m going to discuss four main apps and discount services that I tend to use when I’m purchasing something.


Originally my go-to app for discounts. You can find some great discounts on there and it’s fairly straightforward to navigate. The app is split into categories which you can then go to and see what sort of discounts are available. You are then given a discount code that you use on checkout or will be told to show the student verification on your app. I have used Unidays mostly for online purchases but I do always check the food discounts if I’m heading for a meal out with friends to make things a little more affordable.

Student Beans

Pretty similar to Unidays although, I’d argue, sometimes a little harder to navigate but is made easier if you know where you want to go. It will have some different discounts to Unidays and I think it is good to have both just in case. The app is split into an explore section with some featured discounts; an instore section which is handy for quickly checking what discounts you can get when you’re out and about. I use Student Beans alongside Unidays to make sure I don’t miss out on any discounts and especially if I know where I’m going and just want to double check what discounts I can get.

Too Good To Go

A bit of a different way of getting discounts. Businesses sign up and advertise food on the app that they have spare that day and that would otherwise be thrown away. You usually get quite a nice selection for food for a fraction of the price. A good example of this is the Tiki café at Leeds Beckett Headingly campus which sells off its leftover food for £2-3 and even supermarkets are involved, selling a box of fruit, veg, bakery, cakes and potentially other items for £3. These items will likely be just past their best before date so can’t be sold anymore, however will still be perfectly good to eat. The only downside is that you have to pick it up during specific time slots. If I finish uni not long before the time slot, then I’ll wait around and get some work done and then pick up whatever I’ve ordered on my way home. There are also usually some great options within the student areas as well.


Out of all of these apps, Totum (also known as NUS) is the only one I’ve mentioned that you do have to pay for with a yearly fee of £14.99 (although there are some options in Totum Lite which are free). Totum will usually have the biggest discounts because of the subscription fee. This is also the same site that I didn’t check a couple weeks ago and missed £80 off a purchase which makes the money spent on the card worth it so definitely make sure you check it before buying anything. The app is fairly easy to navigate, and you can find some very good deals on there, along with finding more places to use it through a bit of googling. A good example of this is that some hairdressers will accept a Totum card and can give up to 25% discount on services. Totum cards can also be made with Pass certified ID on the back which can be used as another form of ID when asked for proof of age. On top of all that, they also have deals with international companies and so you may even get some discounts whilst on holiday.

General tips

Tip number 1

Always check all of your student discount apps before a purchase or going out for food or shopping, especially if you might be spending a fair amount of money. It can be an extra bit of work, but it really can be worth it.

Tip number 2

Do your research. Not all student discounts will be advertised on these apps if they’re more general discounts that don’t expire, they are less likely to show up, especially if they’re not online stores. I tend to Google any shops I might be going into if I have time, to check for discounts. Alternatively, if your shopping trip is more spontaneous or you don’t know where you’re planning on going best thing to do is ask at the checkout. This is definitely the “riskier” way of going about your discounts, but if you’re prepared to pay full price then that student discount is just a nice bonus and a couple extra pounds to save and spend on something else.

Tip number 3

Remember your student card when you go out as you will need proof that you’re a student. It can be gutting to get to the check out and realise you can’t take advantage of those deals because you don’t have proof that you’re a student.

Tip number 4

Keep an eye out on discounts within the SU. The Hive will occasionally do food and drink discounts which can make a meal or drink even more affordable. This includes discounts on vegan food and drink or discounts on Starbucks coffee before 10am, which I’ve heard is great before an early lecture.

I hope this helped with finding some new ways to get some great discounts in and around Leeds.

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