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Top 5 reasons why I wanted to study at LBU

Hello, my name is Tania and I am a second-year student at Leeds Beckett studying PR & Brand Communication. I am originally from London and in this blog, I will explain to you why I moved to Leeds and wanted to study at LBU.

Portland Building against a blue sky

New you

Deciding to move away is very nerve-wracking, especially when you’re leaving loved ones behind. I wanted to experience a new city when going to uni as I knew it would be the best thing for me and would be beneficial to my future. I moved from London to Leeds and it was not an easy move at the start, but it was worth it. Moving away changes who you are, and I’ve found you end up discovering more about yourself. I have new interests and new friends; it makes me feel like my life is finally coming together. Remember it is okay to be afraid and adventurous at the same time and help is always available, from the university, friends and family.

Small city, big heart

I can honestly say that Leeds continues to surprise me every day. I love how it is a smaller city than London, but it has so much life and excitement. In London I felt like time was always racing and I had the feeling I was being pressured to have my life figured out. Coming to Leeds has made me take a step back and just enjoy the moments that I have every day. One of my favourite things to do in the city, that I discovered last year, has to be going to the Leeds German Christmas Market. Although it is very cold, the amazing food and drinks make up for it. As it is in the city centre, I was always there before or after a lecture.


Choosing Leeds was the best decision I’ve made hands down! I needed a city where I knew that I wouldn’t have to travel for too long when going into uni or work. Everything is nearby and even if it is technically further away, it still feels close. I was really worried about being on the outside of the city centre, but it only takes me 15-20 minutes to get to work and university. There are always buses available until late (I use my student bus pass = mega save), there are always trains available for when I want to go visit my family back in London and the coach is also available at various times when I don’t want to spend too much money on the trains. The location is amazing as I can walk from the university to my job, and the best thing is after a night out it is super cheap to pay for a taxi.

Leeds Business School

When I first read the PR & Brand Communication course brief, I fell in love. At the time I was studying Sports Business & Development, and I didn’t feel like it was for me anymore. I also looked at another university for PR, but I really felt that LBU had a better teaching method. I attended an Open Day and by the end of it I had already decided that this I where I wanted to study. The energy I got from that day was so special, I already felt like I was home. I had a great understanding of what the course was about. There were teachers there from the course to tell me about the assignments and how I would be learning throughout the three years which was really helpful. They were very welcoming, and they all provided their emails for any additional information that we might want. Also, Leeds Beckett has one of the most established PR degree programme’s in Europe, so I jumped at the chance to study here.


Leeds is much cheaper than London. This means that rent costs less, which makes a HUGE difference to my bank balance! Moving away comes with its challenges, and you are forced to learn about how to manage your money. Luckily for us, students can get discount bus passes which are significantly cheaper than in London as well as other student discounts in shops and bars. Being in Leeds, I soon realised that local restaurants and cafes are also cheaper which is a bonus as this is something that most students spend money on. 

I have had many fun times in Leeds, as well as hard times too because I am away from my family, but Leeds has become my new home. I know this because when I leave, I miss it very much. Creating your new life is exciting and being able to build something from scratch is motivating. I believe that Leeds offers new beginnings to anyone that is looking for a fun, affordable city that feels like a home away from home.


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