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Student Wellbeing Team

The Student Wellbeing Team offers a free and confidential service aimed at providing you with information, practical and therapeutic support to help you manage any difficulties you are experiencing.

The Student Wellbeing Team offers a free and confidential service aimed at providing you with information, practical and therapeutic support to help you manage any difficulties you are experiencing.

To arrange your first appointment with us, please complete our online registration form via MyHub – it just takes a few minutes.

We aim to contact you within two working days of receiving your form. Please note that, while we aim to see you as quickly as possible, we are not usually able to offer appointments immediately.

If you are experiencing difficulties in registering with our service please email us at studentwellbeing@leedsbeckett.ac.uk with your username and contact details and we will contact you.

Please see our accessibility information sheet or our opening times and for more detail on accessing our services.

If you cannot wait for an appointment and feel you need to speak to someone more urgently please see our urgent support information for details of where to access immediate support.

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Types of Support Available

Mental Health Support and Advice Arrow Right
Meet a mental health practitioner for support, guidance, and advice, to manage any difficulties you are experiencing. Learn positive coping strategies for work, life and study and ensure you get the right help that you need.
Counselling Arrow Right
When you have something on your mind, counselling can provide a safe space to talk one to one with a trained and experienced counsellor who will listen to you, help you to make sense of what is happening, and explore options for change.
Wellbeing Appointment Arrow Right
Book a one-off wellbeing appointment for a confidential space to talk, work through any concerns and identify practical steps to overcome any difficulties you are experiencing.
Self Help Guides Arrow Right
Access our comprehensive collection of guided self-help booklets covering a range of topics.

Plus Icon Other sources of support

There are a number of different services and supports in Leeds that you can also access for your emotional, psychological and mental health:

  • Positive Minds - Leeds Beckett Student Union Peer Support Group
  • Leeds Crisis Card - Information about a range of services in Leeds offering support for a variety of issues
  • Leeds IAPT Service - Professional talking treatments, to help people who are stressed, experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety
  • The Market Place - Provider of young persons counselling, youth work, and support services
  • Forward Leeds - Leeds drug and alcohol services
  • Mindwell - Website that provides information about mental health and support services for Leeds
  • Volition - Information on voluntary sector talking therapy services in Leeds
Plus Icon Self Help

You can find a full range of self-help resources and materials in a wide variety of formats aimed at promoting your wellbeing on our Self Help page. There are links to information, helplines, printable guides, on-line tools, reading, video and mobile applications all aimed at helping you support yourself.

For guided self-help information on specific topics please take a look at our comprehensive collection of Self Help Guides

Plus Icon Worried about someone else?

Are you worried about another student and not sure what to do?

It can be extremely stressful and anxiety provoking if you are worried about another student's welfare, particularly if their behaviour is putting themselves or others at risk. The Student Wellbeing Team is here to help, and you are welcome to register to discuss any concerns you have.

You can talk to the Student Wellbeing Team or another member of staff without giving specific information about a fellow student. You don't have to give their name if you don't feel comfortable. Talking to someone may help you see a way forward.

Please remember that the wellbeing of other students is not your responsibility, no matter that it may feel that way. Talking to someone else about your concerns may be the first step to getting them the help they need.

If your friend's behaviour is putting them or others at risk DO NOT KEEP THE INFORMATION TO YOURSELF. There may need to be some action taken.

If you believe that another student is at immediate risk of self harm or suicide you should call 999 and ask for an ambulance. The student will be assessed and if necessary taken to hospital.

You might find this Rethink guide helpful to read. It contains further useful information about how you can help and support someone experiencing mental distress.

Plus Icon Confidentiality

The information you provide is held confidentially by the Student Wellbeing Team. That means that we will not discuss any information you give us outside of the Student Wellbeing Team except in the following circumstances:

  • You give us your permission (it may be beneficial to contact other staff within our University if your wellbeing is affecting your study)
  • We have reason to believe that you or others are at risk of serious harm
  • Where there is a legal requirement to provide the information
  • Where a member of the Student Wellbeing Team believes that you are not in a position to take responsibility for your safety

We will discuss confidentiality at your first appointment. For more information access our Student Wellbeing Agreement.

Plus Icon Equal Opportunities
Plus Icon Registering with a GP

If you've moved away from home to come to Leeds Beckett, you can register with one of the many surgeries in the local area.

Find a GP

If you become ill or are injured, please make sure you get the best possible treatment in the right place. For urgent advice and treatment anytime, call 111.

Download the free Choose well app for iPhone and Androids for information about the nearest NHS service wherever you are in West Yorkshire and the Humber.

Check your symptoms on the NHS Choices symptom checker.

If you are concerned about your mental health it is important to speak to your GP. It can often feel quite difficult to begin to talk to someone about how you are feeling. The following information may help you first approach your GP to talk about your mental health.

Whilst it is not a substitute for seeking professional assessment and treatment, you may also find it useful to search for information and self-help resources to help you manage what you are experiencing.

There is a wide variety of information available, and our self-help page aims to provide a comprehensive range of websites, self help guides, reading materials, podcasts and interactive tools that you might find useful.

The Mind guide 'How to cope with student life' is a booklet that gives information about how you can look after your mental health while studying and contains links to other sources of support.

The NHS Choiceswebsite also contains information on Student Mental Health.

Plus Icon About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team made up of counsellors, mental health professionals, chaplains and other practitioners who are all highly skilled and experienced in recognising how emotional and mental health difficulties can affect your time whilst at university.

You maybe interested to find out more about our:

This gives you more information about our activities and shows some statistics on our service and our feedback results.

Contact Details:
Email: Studentwellbeing@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

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