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How I knew that Leeds Beckett was the university for me

Hi, I’m Sobia, a second-year Law student at Leeds Beckett and in this blog I will be sharing my thought process before uni and how I knew that Beckett was the right university for me.

Books on a shelf

Practical elements to courses

I used to be set on the fact that I was going to stay close to home (Manchester) and did not want to move away, so Leeds Beckett was originally not even an option for me. However, after searching the university online, many things stood out to me and I was very intrigued to know more. The first thing that I noticed was the Law course itself. It was the specific module, Law Clinic (which is available for students in their final year) which intrigued me the most. This module really interested me as I wanted to do some practical work within my course rather than just written work.

Law Clinic Sign

Law Clinic building

Speaking to current students

After finding myself interested, I asked around to find out more information. I actually knew someone who was studying at Beckett and so I asked them a few questions before I made my firm choice on UCAS. They totally recommended that I went ahead with Leeds Beckett and said that this university would provide me with unforgettable experience and the city itself is just fascinating. If you don’t know anyone at Beckett you can still get insights by chatting to current students on the online chat platform.

The Open day confirmed my decision

I knew that Leeds Beckett was the university I wanted to go to when I attended the Open Day. I actually attended the event with a friend for her course. I agreed to go with her and had no idea that I would end up going to this university instead of her. Once there, I talked to a member of staff for the Law school and looked over the course booklet. The staff who worked for the Law facility helped me learn more about my course and they explained the benefits of why I should go to Leeds Beckett and what they could provide to me as a student.

I was so fascinated about the facilities and really intrigued by how this university delivered my course. I liked the way that they differed from other universities by offering a wide range of practical experiences throughout the years to prepare us for work after uni. 

The city

One reason why I wanted to study at Leeds Beckett is because I adored the city itself. I had visited the city a few times with family and friends. As I come for a small town in Greater Manchester, thinking about studying and living in a large city like Leeds helped me to make my decision. Out of all the places in Leeds, my favourite place is the Light. This is a great place to hang out with friends as there is wide range of things to do when you are inside. I spend at least half of my time here as I shop once a week, go to restaurants to treat myself and I can’t forget about the wide range of entertainment available too. You will never get bored once you are inside as you have choices from the mini golf, to the cinema and much more.

The best decision to choose Leeds Beckett

Beckett helps you gain experiences that you could never dream of and I like that it differs from other universities by providing interesting module options. This may be different depending on the course but based on my experience, my advice is to attend an Open Day and Applicant Day as they can help you make a choice and you’ll be fascinated by the options they can provide.


I am really happy that I decided to study at Leeds Beckett, and I am not doubting my decision one bit. All I can say is, do consider LBU as a firm choice because this university can change your life forever!


The university has a range of different events running throughout the year to help you discover if Leeds Beckett is the university for you. Find out about the next available dates and book your place.

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