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Employability was my main reason for choosing LBU

Hi, I’m Jude, a second year Filmmaking student at Leeds Beckett and in this blog, I’ll be talking about what made me want to apply to Leeds Beckett when submitting my UCAS application.

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Specific employment related course content

Leeds Beckett’s attitude to employability was one of the main reasons why I wanted to study at this university. Within the course modules they cover a lot of content that links to employment in the media and film industry. This is great when you're not exactly sure what you want to do yet as a career, as you are given the time to learn about each aspect of the industry and a range of career paths, which gives you a broader view and more knowledge to help make those important career decisions in the future. I also knew that I would have the option to specialise in certain topics so if there is an area I really like, I can find out more about this too. 

Skills for the workplace

The Filmmaking course is constantly working on helping us increase our employability skills and this has been the case from the moment I joined. Right from the beginning in the first semester we learnt about each aspect of the job as a filmmaker. First, we started off by learning about all of the main roles that are in filmmaking, from directing and producing, to editing. Learning about specific jobs, the different options available and how the course content helps to get you there is really useful. This then also helps you make decisions for your future as I’ve found it’s made me become more confident with my choices, due to the fact that you get taught specific things about each specialism.

Tutors with industry experience

The amount of additional help tutors provide when it comes to employability is a lot!

The tutors base what they are teaching us off their own experiences as an industry expert and many of them still work or are connected to in the industry, meaning that we are getting current knowledge of the sector.

From their experience they teach you life lessons and tips and tricks to make you more employable and appealing to companies. They also help with interview techniques such as getting better at pitching ideas to people and showing off your creative thoughts to others to get their attention so that they may think of hiring you or giving you an offer.

City of opportunity

Leeds Beckett doesn’t just help with future employment, it also helps with student employability too, offering jobs for students as well as suggesting jobs that are available in the area that would be suitable students and graduates. This was one reason I chose LBU, as the number of jobs in the city of Leeds is massive and means that the opportunities to add experience to my CV is great. The range of roles in the city range too, from part time work to full time employment. There's a range of jobs too from hospitality to retail, business to sport and each one gives valuable experiences to us as students. 

LBU is incredibly good when it comes to employability, as it helps students prepare for the future and the job options they'll have after leaving their course.

They also help students who are currently studying to find jobs to help them get through university and enhance their cv which will help them find more jobs in the future and make sure they have a better chance in life. I believe that this is because they care about their students while they’re studying and their futures.

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