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Why I chose Leeds Beckett

Hi, I’m Heppni, a second-year student studying Psychology. In this blog, I will talk about why I chose to study at Leeds Beckett, what influenced my decision and how things are going since I started my course.

The exterior of the Rose Bowl entrance, showing the triangles around the bowl

My reasons for going to uni

I initially applied for uni so that I could extend and deepen my knowledge on a particular subject, one that I was both interested in and confident in. At first it sounded daunting to study only one subject at uni. However I found that at Leeds Beckett, especially in first year, the modules are broad enough that you can get a full rounded idea of what that subject has to offer. I picked a course that allowed me to acquire new skills, whilst building on my own knowledge of the subject. What’s great about Leeds Beckett is the fact you can start off broad in your first year and then specialise in your second and third year. This was something that I found helpful to know, as I didn’t have a fixed idea about my future or career path before coming to university.

I felt reassured knowing that I would be able to spend my time in first year researching and getting to know the university processes and subject on a more general level, and have time to find out what interests me the most before picking specific modules and choosing a direction of study. Degree aside, I also wanted to allow myself to become independent and meet new people. I figured travelling away from home to go to uni was the best way to do it!


The view of James Graham building and the acre

One of the university campuses, Headingley

My process for choosing the right uni

Once I figured out what course I wanted to do, I browsed universities online and whittled it down to a top 10. From then, I focussed on other factors that were important to me and that would influence my decision making process such as location, societies, things to do in the local area, and accommodation.

Considering all the options, I then ranked my top universities in order from the one I liked the best to the least. I also considered my likely grades in this process so I could look at the entry requirements for courses at different universities. Before arriving at final decision, I made sure I visited my top universities when they held Open Days. 

Visiting a campus in person gives you a different perspective to seeing photos and videos online. It allows you to get a real feel for the city where you might be living, as well as the uni itself to see what the facilities are like. 

Open Days are also a great opportunity to meet teaching staff and current students who are there to help guide you and answer any questions you may have. I found them really useful and definitely recommend if you have the opportunity to visit the city or campus. 

Another reason I loved Leeds Beckett was due to the supportive style of teaching. Even at the Open Day when I visited, I could tell how engaged and supportive each lecturer was. It made me feel reassured that if I was struggling with university work, I could get the help I needed.

Why I made Leeds Beckett my top choice

One of my favourite things about LBU was the location of the university. There are two campuses, the city campus, which lies directly in the middle of Leeds city centre and Headingley campus, which is positioned in a suburb a little further out from the centre. It's walkable or 15 minutes on a bus and is a hugely popular area for students to live and spend time socialising. I also loved how close the city campus was to the shops and bars. I am able to walk from uni and back and do some mid-week shopping! Both campuses have a Students’ Union on site, where you can grab food, meet other students, or study which was another thing that was appealing for me. 

shopping centre

One of the shopping centres in the city centre

Living in halls

I found that Beckett offers a wide range of affordable accommodation options, allowing students to find the right place to live. Whether you want your own bathroom, to be near the city centre, or to have your own private studio, there seemed to be something for everyone.

Beckett is also brimming with societies and sports clubs which is something I wanted to engage in during my time at university. With so many interesting and exciting options to pick, I couldn’t resist putting Leeds Beckett as my top choice.

My verdict

Overall, Leeds Beckett has a lot to offer. With friendly students and staff, fun opportunities to challenge yourself with over the years, and easily led teaching, what’s not to love?  

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