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Five reasons why I see Leeds Beckett University as a great place to pursue a Masters Degree

Hi, I'm Bisma. In this blog I'm going to share with you my top five reasons why I see Leeds Beckett University as a great place to pursue a Masters Degree 

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Hi there, my name is Phoorichaya Madkhan, but everyone calls me Bisma. I’m an international student from Thailand studying a master’s degree in English Literature at Leeds Beckett University. If you would like to know more about the university, here are the advantages of being part of the Leeds Beckett Community.

Studying abroad is such a great experience, but it is not easy. Every international student has faced several challenges such as the language barrier, financial difficulties, homesickness, and cultural shock. In the end, everything will be all right, but hurdles must be jumped first. I hope you find this blog helpful.


Cost of Living

Leeds is renowned for being one of the cheapest and most affordable cities in the UK. The price of properties, utilities, and groceries are reasonable for international students. According to Expatistan, single renters in the city still have enough money in their wallets to spend after paying bills. You can find a store offering the necessary items for only £1 in Leeds City Centre. Personally, I usually go shopping at OneBeyond to buy kitchen utensils or personal care products.

School of Cultural Studies and Humanities

I graduated with a BA in English, and I wish to become a university professor. Therefore, I found an MA in English Literature a good opportunity to explore and analyse English literary work and history. I looked at several universities for an English Literature course, but I felt that LBU had everything I looked for. This MA course in LBU has expanded my love for literature as well as poetry. On top of that, the professional careers team and staff are very supportive. The course equips me for employment in both the public and private sectors. I have felt that my literature skills are maximized because of the professors’ potential and international environments. I can confidently say that studying an MA in English Literature at LBU gives me the opportunity to unveil the prosperity of the history of contemporary British Literature through diverse storytellers, poets, and novelists.


When deciding to study for a master’s degree in England, I needed to make sure that I stayed in a place where I did not need to spend much money for traveling to my university. There are several shops and cafes along with great links to the city. Leeds City Centre has been known as one of the best cities to reside in the north of the UK. LBU on the city campus has endless facilities to use and a variety of student accommodations too. You will never regret the time you spend here because this city campus is an ideal place for many students.


I was concerned about food before coming to England because I was not sure whether there were many Halal foods in Leeds or not. In fact, halal meat can be easily found in the city and many eateries are offering halal options too. Also, fully halal fine dining is available here, so it is very convenient for Muslim students. I used to hang out with my friends at Nando’s at The Light. It is an Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant serving flame-grilled halal chicken on every menu. I am into this restaurant!

Part-time job opportunities

Many students want to find part-time jobs during their studies so that they can manage their expenses without asking for more money from their parents. In my case, I am doing casual university jobs because I would like to save up for my holidays. Many restaurants, clubs, cafes, or shops welcome international students for part-time work during term time as well.


Hello, my name is Bisma. I am studying MA in English Literature at Leeds Beckett University, and I am 25 years old. I am an international student from Thailand. I love watching series and tasting different kinds of food. Leeds is such a great student hub for me!

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