Before moving to the UK, I worked as an auditor. Even though I worked as an auditor during the day, I was an avid sports fan for the rest of the evening and most of the night. I used to participate in charitable volunteer work and especially sports-based voluntary work while I was employed. During the pandemic, I was working from home. As the days went by, I realised employment in the corporate sector was not for me as my desire to pursue a career in sports continued to grow. Therefore, I decided to continue my education.

I started researching the course I wanted to do and the best places in which to study. I had some clarity about the course I wanted to take up. However, choosing the country where I would study presented the biggest challenge. Even though I wanted to work in sports, I was aware that without a good education and the right skills, it would be difficult to break into a new field. Therefore, after much deliberation, I figured sports business management was the ideal option for me given my goals and skill set. When narrowing down the countries, the UK had the most criteria satisfied, including its excellent grassroots program, pathways to the top, and top-tier performances across all sports. Although, most important was the availability of so many competitions across numerous sports and an opportunity to work with some of the best clubs in the world.

Having made my decision on which course to study and the country I wanted to go to, my search for the best university began. The parameters I had in mind were the universities proximity to quality sports teams, quality sports infrastructure, a good track record of the institution’s provision of sports courses, and I wanted to live in a rapidly developing and energetic city. Leeds Beckett University was the only institution that met my criteria.

Leeds is regarded as Yorkshire’s unofficial capital and a very active city. When I first began my study in Leeds, I discovered that it was not just the UK's fastest-growing city, but also one of Europe's. It boasts a fantastic combination of history, sports, art, and events. The city is in West Yorkshire and is close to fantastic tourist destinations like the Yorkshire Dales, York, Knaresborough, Otley, etc. Lastly, it is a city of events. There are world-class arenas for mega-events, vibrant carnivals, and a full calendar to celebrate art and culture.

What makes this city the greatest for a student who plays sports? There are numerous clubs in Leeds. This city has experienced significant sporting success. Aside from the major three sports in the UK, you also have Leeds Knights at Planet Ice and the Tour de Yorkshire. You also have Leeds United at Elland Road, Northern Superchargers, Yorkshire Cricket Club, Yorkshire Vikings, and Leeds Rhinos at Headingley Stadium. This city has a vibrant sports scene for everybody, from attending a game in a stadium filled with enthusiastic spectators to stepping outside to enjoy a casual sporting event. The fact that you can join these fantastic sports clubs makes it even better. 

When studying at Leeds Beckett University, you get to utilise the recently unveiled state-of-the-art sporting infrastructure in addition to a strong network of lecturers, employees, and alumni who prepare you for when you enter the industry. Although the university is situated rather centrally, it is its history of fostering self-confidence and advancing careers since 1933 that distinguishes it as a great university.

In 2020, the Carnegie School of Sport was listed among the top 100 sport science institutions in the world, a tribute to its capacity to provide students with not only a high-quality education but also a way of life. Once I joined this university, I realised how networking and access may serve as a catalyst for achieving not only the university’s goals but also my ambitions. I was able to volunteer with Yorkshire Cricket, one of the most famous brands in cricket, and at the UEFA Women's Euro 2022, thanks to Leeds Beckett University. Sports can change people's lives and bring people together, and when I saw that my institution shared this belief, I knew I was in the right place and could make this place my new home.


Hi there! I am Vivek from India. I came to pursue MSc Sports Business Management at Leeds Beckett University. I've always been a sports lover, but my favourites are football and cricket. I believe sports is the best form of live entertainment and one of my goals while I am here in Leeds is to support grassroots clubs to become self-sustainable.

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