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How my course prepares me for the workplace

I am Kieu Anh, from Vietnam. After finishing semester 1 of MA Public Relations & Strategic Communication, I am happy to say that choosing this course is one of the best decisions so far in my life. Let me share my course experience through the lens of an international student.

Practical modules

In semester 1, I learned modules that provided me with much fundamental knowledge and gave me chances to put them into practice. Before choosing this course, I researched the practicality of the course, but in fact, it was beyond my expectations. In the module Strategic Communication Planning & Management, I had the extraordinary opportunity to work on a PR campaign for a real client. The London-based PR agency Templemere PR gave us a brief to work out a PR strategy for a client from the travel and aviation industry. With my team, I presented the strategic plan to the CEO and Client Services Director of Templemere PR and we received praise for the creativity and high practicality of our campaign ideas. As an additional reward, they offered the winning team members a job as an Account Executive in their agency. After the project, I gained valuable hands-on experience, and solid networking that can bring me into the PR profession after I graduate. 

Besides, the option module Editing & Production also helped me to develop design skills on Adobe Indesign & Photoshop. With live workshops, I learned to create cover magazines, edit and optimize texts, and add images to become actual magazine articles. This module gave me the layout portfolio and creative thinking that will be indispensable in future work. Therefore, I am so excited for the next semester with other practical modules such as Feature Writing, Communication Skills with Podcast Creation & Book Reviewing. These are all necessary skills I can consolidate my personal branding and apply immediately to my career.

Lecturers have a lot of experience in the PR industry

This is what I like the most about this course. My course leader has over 20 years of working in the PR industry. Besides traditional lectures, he provided us with so many unique types of teaching, including inviting us to watch guest speakers who share real case studies, which means that we can gain deep insight into PR and Communication in real situations rather than just abstract knowledge in textbooks. We also have a Facebook community group where the Course Leader provides helpful and updated information about PR contests, projects, and internships. Moreover, there is a free student membership for us to access PRCA - the world's largest professional PR body. To be honest, I greatly appreciate all lecturers for their dedication and enthusiasm. What they have in common is that they are super friendly, accessible and give us a lot of inspiration about the industry.

Expanding networking and connections in the PR field

This is a crucial thing everyone should care about, not only in this field. Besides peers, fellow students and the alumni community, through module activities such as guest speaker events, project consultancy, I have accessed and learned a lot from experienced people in the industry. I have had the chance to show them my potential. There are no words to describe my feeling when being appreciated by industry veterans.

Image of Blog Squad Author Kieu Anh with a group of friends studying on their course

Improving soft skills

In addition to the knowledge I've gained on my course, I've also improved many soft skills that will help me in my future career.

  • My teamwork skills have improved significantly when doing assignments with others, especially in a multinational & different background group. We learned from that to respect each other, sympathise with differences and unite for a common purpose.
  • Through presentations, my public speaking and self-confidence have enhanced as well.
  • Hectic schedules and tight deadlines when doing assignments and running projects developed my time management skills and planning.

Indeed, these are must-have skills for further career development, especially in global corporations.

There is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most practical Master PR courses in the industry.This is my true feeling that I want to share with those who are still hesitating and considering as I did at first. Go ahead, I believe that you'll agree with me more or less!

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