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My Clearing Experience

Hi, my name is Cara and I’m in my third year studying Psychology at Leeds Beckett. I applied to university through Clearing. In this blog, I'm going to share my experience and explain how the process works. 

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Originally, I had applied to study a different course at Leeds Beckett and received an unconditional offer. At the time I believed that was the course for me. However, after thinking more about it, I realised that I hadn’t really enjoyed the subject previously and wasn’t sure it was something I was passionate about. It got me thinking about courses I did enjoy. I’d always found Psychology to be interesting at A-level and thought it useful in day-to-day life. I hadn't thought about how it had so many career avenues previously but at this point I started considering it. 

Deciding to change courses

As the move to university grew closer, I began to realise how long three years really was and the amount of commitment a degree would require. After further analysis of the two subjects, I started to realise that the course I had previously applied for, wasn’t for me and I knew I would apply myself more to a Psychology course having always enjoyed it. As mentioned, I had received an unconditional offer for the previous course at Beckett, which provided me with a level of security. So, the prospect of changing my course when I received my results was quite daunting, having no place guaranteed. Additional apprehension and uncertainty were added as I was aware Psychology-based subjects are renowned for being in demand, popular courses. 

The Clearing process – contacting the university online

At first, I couldn’t decide which psychology-based course I wanted to study a degree in as I hadn’t thought about changing my course until results day. 

I rang the university Clearing line all flustered and stressed out trying to figure out what course I wanted to do. The person I spoke to was so lovely, helpful, and reassuring about the whole situation.

She helped me to calm down and try to gather my thoughts about the courses I was considering, advising me to take five minutes and call back. When I eventually rang back having composed myself and decided what course I wanted to study (Psychology) the call was so straightforward and easy. I was simply asked my name, the amount of UCAS points I’d obtained with my results, what I studied at A-level and the name of the course I was changing from. 
Then it was all sorted! I simply accepted my place over the phone and received a confirmation email from UCAS. 

My advice for anyone thinking of applying through Clearing

To those considering changing courses through Clearing, there is nothing to worry about. You are as deserving as anyone to gain a place at Leeds Beckett. There are resources online to offer you guidance and support on what courses are available. Being unsure on what you want to do is 100% normal.

I recommend ringing up the university to ask for more details on any of the courses. You can contact the Clearing hotline on 0113 812 3113.

Speaking to a lecturer and discussing the course may increase your confidence in selecting it or alternatively, make you realise that it may not be for you. Everyone at Leeds Beckett will be happy to help you. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, there’s always going to be someone on hand to support you.

My experience at uni so far

University so far has been an absolute whirlwind of an adventure and I’ve loved every minute. From the academic side of Leeds Beckett, the support is unbelievable. All the staff are so accommodating, lovely and approachable. While the social aspect of Leeds city is something I encourage everyone to experience. The students make the city thrive and it’s such a great place to meet so many people. 

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