There was a Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

My journey to the LBU began with a fingertip. As an international student travelling thousands of miles away from my home, I still remember the day when I received my offer confirmation and started preparing my journey with a mix of excitement, fantasy, and mostly, fear of the unknown. I started to be more secured and grounded when I received an email from the Meet and Greet Team of LBU. This was the first support I have received from LBU.

First impression

The Meet and Greet Team contacted me after I had submitted my arrival details. A pick-up service was arranged, and I could arrive at my accommodation safely and hassle free.  Nonetheless, there is always the unexpected in a thorough plan.  My transit flight was delayed greatly without any clear schedule due to unfavourable weather condition. Luckily, I was able to reach Kat and Emma of the Meet and Greet Team and stay in touch with them, even though my flight was further delayed. The Team’s prompt responses during the delay did ease my worries. I appreciated their effort very much as I could imagine that many international students could have been arriving within the week!


The support from LBU is not limited to the safe arrival, it has been far from my expectations. From the early stage, I was introduced to the Welcome page which was full of registration information. Surprisingly, there were also many events specifically for international students. Face-to-face or online workshops on academic skills and support were available and organized regularly. Some of the workshops are specially designed for international students. By a simple click of registration via myHub, I can register for the workshops from academic skills such as referencing, presentations, and critical thinking, to soft skill such as time management.

There are regular drop-in sessions which we can meet academic skills tutor directly. The workshops help me to more academically prepared to start my study journey. In addition, LBU Libraries are another treasure for our academic journey.  Rooms are available in LBU Libraries for small group discussion and presentation rehearsal. Both Sheila Silver Library at City Campus and Headingley Library are ideal and tranquil places for studying and working on assignments.  


Cultural immersion has been one of my inspirations to begin my thousands-mile journey to LBU. What may be more fascinating are the cultural and leisure activities organized by the LBU Global Village. When I just arrived at Leeds, I joined several trips and activities organized by the Global Village, including city walk, Meanwood walk, a trip to Kirkstall Abbey, York, and the Lake District. From these activities, I not only learn the culture, history and nature of Leeds but also met a lot of new friends. I have met both home and international students and we share our culture and build up our friendship and connection.

By joining activities and trips and making friends, I could feel home and comfy at LBU and in Leeds, even though my hometown is thousands of miles away.


Hello, I’m Sandy.  I am an international student from Hong Kong and currently studying Dietetics at LBU.  I enjoy food, travelling and meeting new friends.  Additionally, I have a variety of hobbies, including reading, swimming, going to the gym, hiking, ceramic art, and music. 

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