1. What motivated you to sign up with the Bike Hub/ Bike Fix?

I saw a poster for it on Headingley campus, and it was just a no brainer. I had no way of getting my bike from home to uni, having missed riding my bike so much, for £50 I could get a really nice road bike for the year! Leeds is the perfect sized city for cyclists, it’s so easy to get pretty much anywhere in/around town by bike! 
My favourite thing about the Bike Hire scheme is the team behind it at the Bike Hub/Bike Fix, the service they provide, and if anything (I mean ANYTHING) goes wrong with your bike, they’ll fix it while you wait with a smile and a nice chat for a fraction of the price of any other bike repair place in Leeds, it's always a pleasure going in there!

2. What was the most memorable bicycle ride of your life? Tell us how it was.

Probably just when I was bored one day after finishing all my work for 2nd year when most of my friends still had exams to deal with, so I just decided to make a playlist and cycle as far down the Otley road as I could be bothered to. But I think I made the playlist a bit too heavy and got carried away and ended up cycling all the way to Otley. I’m glad I got to see Otley, it was a really nice town, beautiful cobbled streets, mini waterfalls, plenty of fields and hills, but the ride back was mainly uphill, I could barely move my legs for a couple of days afterwards!

3. As you know, cyclists are getting a bad name recently in the press for all sorts of reason. What advice would you give your fellows to ensure their safety is maintained?

Just make sure you always slow down at any junction, and be ready to make an emergency stop! So many drivers will zoom out at junctions after only a glance to check for cars! Always be patient with drivers when you’re cycling, and don’t go too fast!

4. How much has cycling had an impact on your health, well-being and awareness of sustainability?

My calfs are possibly my best feature thanks to cycling! Cycling is so much fun, it really wakes you up in the morning and it’s a zillion times more enjoyable and cheaper than getting buses! 

5. How would you describe your cycling experiences in one word?


(sorry what?)

Flying bike

(Not recommended)